Hello everyone! Just recently have I joined Weasyl. I am an ex of FA, and glad to be rid of it.

I am a colorist and line artist by trade, but I do draw my own art VERY rarely. If commissions do become available it will be ONLY for coloring!

I ALWAYS give proper credit where credit is due to any and all parties in my colorings. I will always link to the original LineArt along with any background photo or reference. Please do not ever message me saying I stole art... I will not tolerate it. <3

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FreebieFlats! RIGHT NOW

on 6 November 2013 at 20:10:19 MST

**Hello everyone! **

Tonight I will be doing freebie flat colorings for people. Make sure you have your lineart/sketches ready! Please make sure if they are sketches that they are somewhat nice looking. (If I get enough slots filled it might spill into other days.)

I will be taking on; 5 small/simple-complex pictures(includes all categories) ~~ %% 3 medium/simple-complex pictures. ~~ And 1 large but simple picture (includes all categories)

I will be re-posting this journal in about 8 hours from the official posted time of this journal.


**[[Willing to color]] **

------- KEY -----> *= PG~XXX ____#= PG ONLY ____ ()= Simple to complex ____ @= Simple

%% \ () \ * Character/chibi sheets

%% \ () \ * Chibi's

%% \ @ \ * Characters

@\ * Scenes ~ (Character ()Chibi

@ \ # Feral

() \ # Diaper

() \ # Cub

%% \ () Backgrounds. (If extremely cluttered I will not color it. <3 )



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All pictures will be absolutely free.  Tips are appreciated, Paypal will be disclosed upon request.   Website will be available during stream for commission prices if you become interested in ordering me around.  xD I would love to become your coloring slave. <sup> For a price... Of course. o3o</sup>

I will be on skype all day if you wish to talk to me before hand. My skype username is the same as my weasyl username; aColonUlcer, if that doesn't work, please use;, for  skype if you have any questions or wish to discuss your freebie ahead of time (would be appreciated) 

I will be posting this journal again when I am going to start the stream with the url included at the bottom. 

(((I reserve the right to post these pictures on my weasyl profile.  Colors will be credited to me and the original lines will be credited to the original artist.  ALWAYS.  Credit is always given where credit is due.  I have been doing this for a good minute now, and if you check my art I always give credit. Even for random stock photos I find on google. ))

**<u>\[[[[[[[~~~ ~~~]\]\]\]\]\]\]</u>**\[/u]
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01 Cell

01 Neck Up
$ 5.00
02 Bust
$ 10.00
03 Waist Up
$ 15.00
04 Full Body
$ 20.00
add  05 Background
from $ 6.00
to $ 15.00

02 Cell-Smooth

01 Neck Up
$ 7.00
02 Bust
$ 12.00
03 Waist Up
$ 17.00
04 Full Body
$ 22.00
add  05 Background
from $ 8.00
to $ 17.00

03 Semi-Realistic

01 Neck Up
$ 9.00
02 Bust
$ 14.00
03 Waist Up
$ 19.00
04 Full Body
$ 24.00
add  05 Background
from $ 10.00
to $ 19.00

04 Realistic

01 Neck Up
$ 11.00
02 Bust
$ 16.00
03 Waist Up
$ 21.00
04 Full Body
$ 26.00
05 Background
from $ 12.00
to $ 21.00

If you are interested in a commission, please send me a note. The title being the [Main Category>SubCategory] And a link to the picture you would like to have colored. [EX] "04 Realistic > 02 Bust" { "Link" }

{{{{-- Will do any Genre and Rating except for:

Baby, Diaper, Cub, or XXX Feral.

(Will color these categories on PG rating only),

NO Exceptions. EVER.--}}}}

~That Never Ends~
[u](Unless Otherwise Stated)[/u]

My loyal customers will be getting a free FULL coloring of a picture

of their choice for FREE for every 5 pictures they commission me to color.

((-- Coloring style is limited to Cell and Cell-Smooth. -- Body count is limited to TWO people. -- Background is limited to simple. --))

(This is for my customers who commission me.)=====]]]


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    Hello! I'm new here, so I thought I would post some old pictures I have from my old FA Account, Coin-Toss. I'm a Line Artist and Colorist. I also draw my own pictures, but I mostly color and line other peoples work. With permission, of course! -giggles-

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      Boy howdy do you have a LOTTTT of stuff to do here. *pokes and prods your profile* You need a banner. An About Me. Commission prices. Streaming info. If you go into your settings, all of that stuff is there. Oh, and in case you didn't notice, unlike FA, you can reply directly to page shouts instead of having to bounce back and forth between profile pages to reply. ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!! XD If you need help working your commission price section, let me know. I say so because it took me a little getting used to and trial-and-error to figure it out completely. As far as setting up your streaming stuff, all you really need to do is go to the Streaming Settings section and input the URL of your livestream channel. It's permanently there unless you change it. Which then leaves it to where if you are going to stream, all you have to do is go in and change your status to "Now Streaming". It's cool too cuz that will automatically send alerts to all followers and put a green light on your profile. It will also show up randomly on the front page's lower section that you are streaming. You can even set a particular amount of time you are going to stream and after that time is up, the green light on your profile goes away as do the notifications that were sent to your followers. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than having to post and delete submissions.

      So that's all that. If you have questions, shoot.