Furpocalypse 2018 Con Swag by acinonyxjubatusrex

Furpocalypse 2018 Con Swag


29 October 2018 at 23:21:20 MDT

I'm still a little too tired to write up a con review, but for now, have this!

From vaguely left-ish to right-ish we have:

  • Conbook and trick-or-treating door sign
  • Two sticker sheets from crazdude crazdude
  • Lanyard and t-shirt from past Furpocs
  • Light-up wristband
  • Fursona pin of Lumunix
  • Scar pin! Traded to me by Bato in exchange for one of my Shetani pins
  • Cheetah eyes pins gifted me by someone at the pin trading panel - I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name! D:
  • Assorted goodies from a crazdude crazdude grab bag, including erasers, critter figurines, a pencil topper, and perler bead necklace
  • My con badge and pronoun ribbon! Good on the con for giving those out! (ft. bat sticker)
  • crazdude crazdude wolf pendant - this is very pretty
  • Stickers from Ashwolves5 Ashwolves5, Pine Fur Con, FuzzGeek, CCS Mascots, and Wolfie Wear
  • Fuzzgeek bracelet
  • FurFright button (I guess it's vintage?)
  • Pride flag given out by True Colors, the con's charityAll surrounded by some of the TONS of candy I accumulated over the weekend! Gotta love Halloween!

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