✯ I'm a star! ✯ by acinonyxjubatusrex

✯ I'm a star! ✯


13 January 2016 at 04:03:34 MST

Well, I sure feel like one! I've never had my picture taken professionally before, not even when cosplaying at anime and comic cons. I'm very grateful to the generous folks at http://www.dragonscales.com who took over 2000 photos of fursuiters at Anthrocon for free!

Shetani is acinonyxjubatusrex acinonyxjubatusrex
Fursuit by magpiebones magpiebones
Photo by Dragonscales


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    those tootsies 😍

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      I love them! Been trying to find someone to make me a replacement pair as the bottoms are wearing out, but no one makes them like MagpieBones!

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        they are soooo cute !! 😁

        just hope you get those things fixed cause I think they are so realistically beautiful ~