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Hi! I'm Erratic. My 'sona is a rat, who I'll post as a character soon. My art is all over the place, and I have a bad habit of being sick for long periods of time, just to warn you.

As for preferred pronouns, I'll answer to singular 'they/them/their'.

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Starting a New Art Project (A Small Poll)

on 1 July 2015 at 22:51:50 MDT

Okay, so in between working on my outstanding gemsona art trades (and the requests for the members of my FFXIV FC), I’m going to be working on experimenting with art techniques and styles, and try to get some examples made for when I reopen commissions. I’m also going to be experimenting with making prints of my art.

The theme of this project is going to be were-creatures. I’ll probably limit myself to the ‘changing breeds’ from old World of Darkness Werewolf the Apocalypse, though this series of pictures most likely won’t actually be set in that world. I just figure I need a place to draw a line and be like ‘no elephants please’.

Here is a mostly complete list of what I’m talking about:

  • Were-Hyenas
  • Were-Spiders
  • Were-Cats (leopards, jaguars, caracal, African wildcat, tigers, puma, lynx, lion, cheetah)
  • Were-ravens/crows
  • Were-bears (of all kinds)
  • Were-foxes
  • Were-alligators/crocodiles/caimans/large monitor lizards
  • Were-dinos (because why not)
  • Were-dragons (sure I can try this)
  • Were-snakes
  • Were-Coyotes
  • Were-rats
  • Were-sharks
  • Were-bulls
  • Were-bats
  • Were-boars
  • Were-wolves

So, the poll. What were creatures would you like to see me draw? I’ll be developing at least one character of each, but I’d like to see what’s more popular, I guess? BUT if you would like to see a were version of an animal not listed here...there's no harm in asking. :)

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My Rights as an Artist:

*I reserve the right to refuse to take any commission for any reason, at any time.

*I reserve the right to drop a commission at any time in the case of unruly behavior by the commissioner, or if medical issues arise which prevent me from working. In such a case, I will issue a full or partial refund, plus any work completed.

*I reserve the full rights to any pieces I complete, this includes but is not limited to: posting to my porfolios, working on said work during a livestream, selling prints, ect. However, I will always ask the commissioner permission before selling any prints of commissioned work. I will only resell an original traditional image if the original commissioner has no interest in owning it. If you wish to inquire about purchasing the rights to a commission, email me.


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