.Rabbit Island - Map Tile Set. by acidapluvia

.Rabbit Island - Map Tile Set.


12 June 2017 at 21:57:55 MDT

Hey there fine folks!
I wanted to share a big project with you all, one I'm really excited about and hope you all will help make possible! :D

I've been working on producing a board game with Leslie and Samantha Et Alia, co-founders of Infinite Heart Games!
It was my pleasure and honour to be asked to do the artwork, but rest assured the fun is in the game itself!

This image represents the Game Tiles, which you place uniquely every time you play. The goal is to conquer your Island of course, so you invest your Carrots into each Territory Tile (on the right). You can choose to play a Regular game or a Short game, depending on how much time you want to invest - the short game is only ten turns! I guess you rabbits better be wise in your investments :D

For now these pieces are considered a prototype, as some playtesting is still required! You can contact Leslie if you would like to be a tester for the game. We would love to see this game be a physical product on the shelves, especially since it's been two years+ in the making, so please consider supporting our cause on the Kickstarter! <3

You can find out more about how Rabbit Island works and how to play here:

You can find more info about the company and games here: