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Luka by Achiha-Azteca



23 May 2014 at 20:59:03 MDT

Note my inability to come up with a creative title. >>

Holy wow it has been ages since I attempted an anthro! Not since This image isn't as nice as I would have liked it to be. Partly because I was coming out of an art block and partly do to the fact that many of the layers ended up merged together. >> Anyways, I still had fun, though I was so sad when I covered up my favorite part (I was so proud of those legs, even if they're probably all wrong). T.T

Please forgive my really crappy background, with only a week to go I was afraid that I would be able to finish this in time due to other things I need to focus on. I was quite happy with the simple details in the grass behind her, but I had to cover that up too. xD Maybe I should have added a cloud or two in the sky to add some more detail to it? (Also if she's not in her proper outfit I apologize, this was the one she was wearing on the ref I received).

This is for the CoC-Exchange group on DeviantArt, that I took part in. I was given Drerika's lovely character Luka. I hope you like it!

Art (C) me
Luka (C)

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