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Reference Sheet - Ace Vruminhowe (Unclothed) by AceVruminhowe

Reference Sheet - Ace Vruminhowe (Unclothed)


Unclothed reference sheet for Ace. It's larger than my previous ref sheets due to her wings.

General Information:
Age: 29
Species: Winged cat
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Adventurer, on-and-off masseuse for Rainbow Bay

  • Yes, her actual name is Ace. Her father named her in a drunken state while he was gambling the night Ace was born (not what you might think; he was celebrating because he was excited about the birth of his daughter). I have no idea why her mother allowed the name to stick. XD
  • Ace's mom, while not a full succubus herself, has a bit of succubus blood in her, hence why Ace (and Ace's mom herself) has wings. Neither Ace nor her mom have any sort of succubus powers or abilities (or even natural magical power of any kind).
  • Even when nude/sleeping/bathing, Ace never removes her earring nor her armband. Both are precious treasures to her. The earring is one of the only mementos she has left of her mother (and Ace's dad wears the other earring as a pendant). As for the armband, it was given to her by her girlfriend Shawna (long story short, Shawna tore a strip of fabric off of her own shirt and used it to bandage Ace's arm when Ace got injured during an adventure they were on together; Ace was touched by the gesture and, after she cleaned it, never removed it again).
  • She isn't hairless. Her fur is an apricot color.
  • Her wings aren't just for show - she can fly with them.

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