Carnal Conflict by Acevis Elecion

It'd be a lie to say it was warm, for it was blazing

A lie to say it was smooth, it was wrenching

A lie to say it was expressive, it was restrictive.

No amount of panting or effort would stop or cool it. Not even make it more bearable, for it's purpose was simple yet cruel. He would not share it however, he couldn't, he wouldn't. It wasn't possible. But the voices abound made sure that they were here solely for his attention, something he wholly opposed but could not vocalize through his panting.

The rodent grey squirrel layed, fighting to collect coherent thoughts. The room he was in spun, and spun. Nothing could stop those concrete walls from attacking physics and degrading at each blink, or the bed he lay on become comfortable.

"Boy, FOCUS!!" Came the sharp tongue, finally enough to gather some calm to the raging maelstrom. They vision finally clear to see the world again. The first face was amongst a group of few, but of those close, save for one. This particular being was the elder Naga, of the adoptive tribe which first raised him, bearing green somewhat illuniscent scales, giving the appearance of Age.

Around him, his adoptive mother, red belly, black scaled Naga. Two of his sisters sporting similar scale colors save for a bluish tone. Finally adding a few other guards with a variety of tones standing by the door. His companion however was not to be seen.

"LOOK at me"

Focus was slowly returning as the rodent did as instructed, yet all was still not calm. He continued panting, his temperature still high. Additional movements were small jerky jitters that continued to persist. A hand grazed his throat, from the elder himself, a stiff move, but not enough to restrict air flow. The beats of the heart at an elevated pace present.

"Cease" the elder spoke again.

"Wither and swift" His mother replied. "Soft as silk".

They repeated this words continuously, but as soft as they began. Slowly focus was once again clear, the shaking, jittering had almost stopped, and the temperatures were once again normalizing. The gasps were reducing in number slowly, but the stress, the worry was still there. That could possibly take a small time to work itself out. The elder removed his hand, and slithered over to the center of the room, feeling his own palms.

Quickly with resolve he slithered out of the room towards the other waiting guests who occupied the orphanage, to the meager protest of Ace as he left consisting of mini moans. He turned towards the caretakers who awaited him there and promptly shut the door. Before speaking however he made one final analysis of his palms to confirm his suspicions.

"I hope this bit of commotion wasn't too disturbing" The elder spoke.

"No" The Lynx taur responded, the children are asleep, and doing fine.

Her parents were present as well, save for attire and eye and hair, they weren't much different than their daughter.

"I suppose you wish to know what this was all about." To which the female agreed.

"If I am to tell you that, you must make sure to hear me out. No conclusion jumping." Again the female lynx taur agreed.

"He's currently undergoing a severe cognitive dissonance. It's affected his whole body briefly, and for now, he's starting to calm down."

"He never struck me as someone who would have such an inducement out of nowhere pardon me."

"True, young one, true. These kinds of events should not be plaguing him without direct cause, but strangely enough it happened anyway."

"It is of primal root"

The female taur paced around briefly for a few seconds before redirecting her attention towards the elder once more.

"One can easily live alone" he spoke, "but none ever live on alone."

Tiara's parents were confused, while Tiara sat down for about a minute to decipher such speak. The elder extended his palm and opened slowly, before retracting it and closing it briefly.

"Can you imagine what it's like to be all alone? To have one goal, with many possibilities but only one of which you wish to follow. The logic jars."

Tiara's ears perked as she took a nearby seat. "He's the only one. Living."

She gave a heavy sigh. "Possibilities. With the basics. But he never told me, he always remained firm, he always insisted".

"That is the root" the elder again advanced. "There are many fish in the sea, but there is only one for me." "He loves you dearly, but deep inside he has a mission, one that none of his species would ever consider. However in times of dire need, they developed this to protect themselves. This was that mechanism."

"In the end, his own survival is critical. Nevermind the league of other issues he may contend with, this is priority."

Tiara paced around briefly again, "what do I do?"

"Firstly, you calm yourself down. Remember that the conflict may be primitive, but you are the one keeping him in check. Your compassion, your actions and such. Keep doing what you are doing. The feeling of absolute solitude is not one many creatures indulge in, give him that which you already give him, attention and love. Do not push him forward, it is imperitive that he remain alert and focused."

"He knows my background" Tiara gave a little chuckle, "all I needed was a little yes" she snickered to herself.

"Worry not" The elder spoke. "You've done him a great service. Continue to do so, is all I request, and I'm sure he needs. Go inside and greet him. He'll be better by the morning. You should be proud."

Tiara gave a nod before proceeding into the room. Ace was up and errect, but quickly took a seat back down. He was calm, but easily irritated and frustrated for such a commotion. She merely took steps and embraced him as per usual, wanting to give the benefit of the doubt. Small refereshments were handed out and consumed.

The visitors remained for the time being seeking to monitor further reactions as Ace, simply exhausted resumed sleep quite promptly. Tiara soon watching over him, almost like a non violent hawk, before falling into the world of sleep herself, giving a comfortable hug as a reassurance.

The morning wouldn't arrive sooner, as Ace would remain conflicted slightly, but even more so remorseful. An early morning session of speaking with his family and playing with some of the children helped to clear his mind. This would hopefully be a non issue, just as he's always wanted it to be. But no one seeks the engulfing blanket of shadow that pervade him that night.

Carnal Conflict

Acevis Elecion

1 January 2013 at 17:08:25 MST

A small story I intended to actually put up before new years, but I suppose the actual day does as well.

Just a small little write up about one of the larger problems overcoming a large logical base ins trued with emotion at times that Ace faces.