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(NOT REAL AD) Season of togetherness by Acevis Elecion

(NOT REAL AD) Season of togetherness

Acevis Elecion

  1. Parry Gripp
  2. Naked Space
  3. Scissor Sisters
  4. Oliver Stone
  5. Land before time V
  6. FernGully
  7. Ohio Express
  8. John Pinette
  9. Daryl Hall & John Oates
  10. Weird Al

(For any interested in respective origins)

Looks like Tiara continues to hatch ingenious schemes...I think it's to be a bit more careful around her from now on >.>

If you buy these I will be disappoint and unamused. THEY ONLY SERVE TO MAKE ME SUFFER SO DO NOT BUY THEM D=

I want a happy season too :C