Saranoba in Flight by Accelerando

Saranoba in Flight


16 January 2016 at 08:40:54 MST

Propelled and steered by thundering arrays of huge jet engines and fins mounted on their rims, and massing many millions of tons, Aerocities are gigantic mobile metropolises designed to soar in the vast, weightless skies of the gas torus known as the Mashveya. Saranoba was one of the earliest aerocities built specifically with Capuan physiologies in mind, and was constructed as an agricultural exporter and a trade hub for commodities, roles which it still fulfills to this day. Most Aerocities are built as farming outfits, to keep station near an important mining asteroid, to establish and maintain trade routes, or any combination; in wartime, they are also sometimes used as huge mobile bases.

The cone of crisscrossing beamwork making up the head of the “bullet” serves both as an aerodynamic nose and as a power plant, housing thousands of square meters of solar boiler arrays which generate steam power to be piped through the aerocity. Arrays of spotlights illuminate the shadowed, open Rearport of the city, where freighters and other aircraft dock and do business. The great globe of planet Matroya looms huge in the distance.

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