Tyrant by ACBradley



20 June 2015 at 07:04:33 MDT

This is a scene sketch for a sequence I have stuck in my head, figured it was looking nice enough to upload. An Aludran S-3 Black Swan MBT, having lost an idler wheel, has parked partway inside an Omar library and turned her main gun away from a Chiran heavy sniper team trying to destroy her primary gunsight. The resolution to this involves a shy goat librarian walking over to talk to the commander because she hopes anyone intelligent enough to be in charge of such a machine must like books.

Due to Aludra constantly contesting its border with Etrusea, Aludran tanks at the time of the Battle of Omar were among the most advanced in service*, and the Chirans had no equivalent; their largest vehicles were Infantry Support Vehicles (ISVs) in the 50 ton range. The Black Swan (Chiran J-500 Tyrant, usually called "Amishi" ("monster") in full configuration, Etrusean Imperial Tiger (nicknamed "Leviathan")) was a heavy main battle tank with modular armament, with the full configuration weighing in at 97 tons, and armed with a 155mm main gun, coaxial 8.1mm machine gun and 40mm autocannon, and a second 8.1mm machine gun in the commander's flex mount (which can accept anything up to an automatic grenade launcher) with a dedicated 40mm anti-aircraft gun and optional mounting on it for tube-launched SAMs or ATGMs.

Knowing the superiority of their armour, the Aludrans constructed the three gigantic V-Class Transport Air Destroyers (Valiant, Vanguard and Victory) each of which could carry one hundred armoured vehicles. These semi-submersible aircraft were moved to Omar underneath decoy cargo ships and only took off once they were close to the landing beaches; Valiant is still on Omar today, and has become the framework of a small town.

(*This is why Lorii has mostly 70s-80s gear but a modern RPG-30, if anyone noticed that oddity)

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