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Experiments - TF Short Story Compilation For Sale! by abe_e_seedy

Experiments - TF Short Story Compilation For Sale!


3 March 2014 at 14:31:16 MST

Hey folks, I hope someone asked for another one of these because oh no HERE IT COMES

Like with Shortcuts which I released a few months ago, this is another collection of 5 never-before-seen stories about sex and transformation (and sexy transformation). This time though the lengths of them are more varied; three are short and to the point, while the other two are longer, allowing time for some buildup and slow, detailed transformations. In total there's over 50 pages of stories, about 75% more than the last book, and all for only $6.50. It even features guys TFing too this time, amazingly! I spent a lot of time on this, so if you like any of my stories, I'm pretty confident in saying you'll like these. Also, it comes with this great cover art and amazing formatting that makes it look like a legitimate book (just so long as no one reads over your shoulder and can make out words like "jizz" and "fuckslut"). You can get it all here:

The stories included are:

Ride 'em Cowgirl, featuring girl and guy to cowgirl, lactation, femdom

Easy-Bake Coven - one of the longer ones, featuring girl and girl and girl to futa catgirls, some cumplay and banter (this is the one on the cover)

Training Day, featuring loving petplay, male and female dogperson TF, maledom

All Made Out of Ticky-Tacky - another longer one, including mean domming, girl to rubber doggirl futa TF

Resonance Cascade, featuring a first person narrative, girl to slick tentacle monster, another girl to slick tentacle monster, and a very small amount of actual science

Once again, you can get it here:

And, if you'd like to check out my earlier one, Shortcuts, that's available here:

If you like it, leave a review or give it a star rating, and if it's not your thing but you know someone else who'd like it, I'd appreciate you passing it along!

Cover art and pro as heck formatting by angrboda who it is physically impossible for me to thank enough.


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    Only read the 4th one so far. Only way it could have been better was knots/knotting :P

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      You know, it honestly didn't occur to me to include knotting when dealing with rubber doggirls. Then again, there's another story in there that's just about more "normal" dogpeople, and that doesn't include knotting either. I guess I just don't tend to incorporate the animal aspects of specific penises (this was an odd phrase to write). Except for horse = large, I guess. Hope that's not a let down, and that you enjoyed the rest of it!

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        Maybe consider it for the future? Just saying :P
        I'll be reading the others soon though!

        That being said one of my all time favorite pet play mixed in with wacky tfs, is the one that takes it that one extra step.
        Anthro/human to four legged pet status, with the added change, that the mouth is replaced by a pussy.
        Leads to fun little things like:
        -Playing fetch with a knotted dildo, the changed person has to nudge it upright and knot it with their "mouth" or other hole to carry it back
        -Liquid Protein diet ;)
        -Drooling problem is much sexier now
        -Special muzzle (knotted or otherwise toy held in place) to prevent "biting" while out on walks
        -Other stuff if you want me to go on ;)

        (Sorry if this was too weird to put into the comments here/mention to you)

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          Ah, fair enough. I've certainly dabbled in weird stuff - although that probably is weirder than anything I've written - but in fairness I generally try to keep these for-sale compilations closer to the norm than that (for as much as "the norm" can be said of stories about people turning into various things via sex). My feelings are that if I get super specific it'll really appeal to 1 person and be too far for the next 3, whereas by keeping things a little more general I can have something that's good for 3 people even if it's not far enough for the next 1.

          Anyway, that's my thoughts at least!

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            More than fair enough yourself.
            That being said, will you ever be reopening commissions?

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              Technically I never closed them! I just only advertise them poorly and even then only on FA - I never got around to updating it here. Send me a Note/Message/whatever here and we'll talk things through though - even if I'm still open I'm busy at the moment so I can't promise a rapid turnaround, and it might not fit either of us regardless. Base price is $50 US though, so you're aware!

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    Bought it and can't wait to read it!