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Shortcuts - TF Short Story Compilation For Sale! by abe_e_seedy

Shortcuts - TF Short Story Compilation For Sale!


23 January 2014 at 18:57:52 MST

Old news now, but I wanted to put it up here (if nothing else, I still really like this art). Here's the short story compilation I made and have available for sale!

Do you like Transformation (Adult)? Do you like it when ladies have sex in such a way that it unleashes the animal/tentacle-monster/futa inside of them? Do you think that short stories as an art form are fine but they could really do with wild, impossible sex starting about 10% in and lasting for most of the rest? Do you wish you were having boners, but can't be bothered reading a long story to get yourself there? Well, have you considered taking... Shortcuts?

This is a project I've been working on quietly for months, writing a bunch of cool, never-before-seen short stories featuring sex, TF, and sexy TF. There's 5 separate stories, with a total of almost 30 pages of writing, all for just $5! Basically, if you like my stories, you're pretty likely to like these too; they're the premium, concentrated sex-tastic versions. It also comes with this classy cover art and formatting that makes it look pro as heck (seriously, it's amazing), and you can get it all here:


Girl to cowgirl TF
Girl to futa cowgirl TF
Girl to googirl TF
Girl to futa horsegirl TF
Girl to another kind of cowgirl TF (shh cowgirls are cool okay)
Girl to tentaclemonster TF (like in the cover image there, see?)

Also includes! (in various doses): petplay, Dom/Sub, lactation, oviposition, and also I hope you aren't grossed out by cum because let me tell you people in these stories do that A LOT so yeah

...and basically a ton of sex/masturbation between many of the above.

(as you might have noticed, there's no guys in this one. Figured I'd stick to what I'm good at for this first shot, and I guess that's writing about ladies doing ladies/themselves. I have... a weird speciality?)

Again, check it out here:

If it's not up your alley but you know someone who might like it, I'd appreciate the recommendation. Trying to make some money so I can afford to spend more time doing this kind of writing!

Cover art by the amazing ripper

Formatting to make this look pro as heck done by the fantastic angrboda


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    I've read stories 1, 4, and 5 so far, and can attest that story 1 alone is worth the $5.
    Based on what I've read so far, I'd give story 1 a 10/10, story 4 a 7/10, and story 5 another 10/10.
    I just wish you'd expand some of them and maybe consider getting some illustrations to resell the best ones by themselves~<3