Like Mother like Daughter by Abandoned Marshmello

Like Mother like Daughter

Abandoned Marshmello

22 March 2016 at 14:02:02 MDT

Misaki Kamiki Jurai(L) as a child and her daughter Ayeka Masaki Jurai(R), with her natural hair.
Taken from Kajishima Masaki’s Novels Jurai and Yosho.

Coloring done by me, original sketches by Kajishima Masaki

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    o3o I haven't seen any Tenchi Muyo...anything since it aired on Toonami a million years ago :'D Ryoko was always my favorite, and of course Ryo-Ohki and Ken-Ohki :U

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      It is a delight to find old cartoons from childhood. I have a handful of the manga by Okuda, and the original artist, Kajishima, has new cousins from time to time.

      I have a handful of other tenchi related art too o3o

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        Apologies for the pokey response :o I didn't have the fortune of having access to physical media of...any kind of anime/manga in our wee little spot in MI, but when Pokemon came to the US...EVERYWHERE. I have so much 90s pokemon merch still... all my now officially vintage pokeswag :'D

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          yeah. And early 2000s was so hard to find specific animes that were on cable. (also in my last post my phone autocorrected Doujins to cousins lmao). Pokemon was soooo easy to come by because they shoved it down our throats. (I really miss the cereals that came out for no other reason than a movie just came out).

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            sorry for being pokey XD yeah, pokemon was really in the forefront.. I remember we got poptarts, and there was a figure in the box and my mom hid it in my backpack for me to find :'D It was a chansey!