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Zag I Guess / 35 / Male with a sprinkling of NB

"I immediately regret not picking a snappier username" ™
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Just a humble artsman looking for inspiration, motivation, and amelioration. And puns.

(Not to worry; I don't think I'm being clever.)

Here to have a nice time<3 This is a judgement-free zone unless you're a fascist. (or any fascist-adjacent bigot. Scoot on outta here with that nonsense!)

Kind of want to close out on an upper so, yeah! Nice to meet you! Positive statement! Welcome to my profile text.

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New Name, Nothing Changed

on 23 April 2020 at 14:57:55 MDT

Happy to finally be rid of the random nonsense tacked onto my username; hurrah! To anyone curious ((or even reading this) “Jaed” was a rejected character name for Zag.

Of course, this’ll make cross-posting to FA needlessly confusing if/when I do upload, but I prefer Weasyl as a home base, anyway.

Tune in sometime for...probably more weird fish stuff, IDK. Feel free to drop by with suggestions if there’s something you’d like to see!

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    Thanks for the follow!

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      Very belated thanks for the thanks! You have fantastic range, and your facial expressions are a delight.

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