My name is Zack Valence, an avid composer.
I have long been enamored by the music in videogames, ever since my first RPG (Legend of Dragoon).
It wasn't until 2009, however, that I decided to take up the the noble art of composing and orchestrating. I don't really have a preferred genre, as I tend to just piece things together and hope that they sound nice. I enjoy almost any game made by Square Enix or Tri-ace, as they tend to work with composers who have had a great influence on my work. Composers such as Nobou Uematsu, Motoi Sakuraba and Toshiyuki Omori have all attributed to my musical taste in many ways. I will mostly post a few pieces of OST from the homebrew game projects I work on, so that's what you have to look forward to.

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Here I am

on 21 January 2014 at 04:21:36 MST

Welp, here I am. Weasyl.

Well this is lovely and fresh and new, isn't it?
Let's see about getting me some followers now.

I much prefer the layout of the main page here, for one it shows all of the submissions in one place, giving music a better chance of being noticed by everyone.
Another good thing is that there seems to be less porn here. It's an awful drag when you want to post some serious material and the majority of the site members are just after smut.

Anyway! I look forward to hearing the talent this site has to offer!

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    Well now, I officially love everything I'm hearing. Glad I stumbled across one of your recent uploads on the front page earlier! That album cover certainly caught my attention, haha.

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    Hey there, I ran into you through a journal you put up on FA. You may or may not recognize me, but I'm the admin of Furry Musicians back on FA. I was thinking of making another sister group here, on this site. Would you be interested in something like that? I'm testing the water, per say.

    You feedback is appreciated!


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      Yeah, of course. Tell me when you've got the group set up and I'll be more than happy to follow it.
      ~ Zack