The most important thing to know about me is that I love you, no strings attached! Hi friends! I'm just a dog who's happy being who he is. I'm always trying to spread goodness, happiness, and entertainment across the world, my weapon of choice being drawings and paintings -- sometimes they even move! I love to sing and dance, and I'm always down for a party.

I love games of all kinds, I love philosophy, I love movies, but above everything I love people. If you ever wanna chat, try messaging me; if I'm not too focused on work then I'll answer for sure.

I'm pretty bad at just describing myself, so here's some, "If I were..." sorta things so you can know me a little better! x3

If I were a Dungeons and Dragons character, I'd be a Neutral Good Half-Elf Cleric! I don't mind breaking rules as long as I've got the best intentions at heart. I'm not too afraid of taking hits, but I won't be dealing them out any time soon. If I'm doing anything on a battlefield it'll be trying to stop the battle. Second best option's to protect whoever I think's innocent.

If I was an element I'd be Earth! Stable's a pretty good word to describe me, but I'd rather say relaxed. Things don't usually rile me up, and I'm quick to forgive and forget. I know the simple things are what'll keep me happy and I try to stay humble when something big comes my way. I'm pretty constant in my efforts, and unshaking whenever something moves me to action.

If I was a tree, I'd be an oak! Mostly because at my first home, we had a huge oak tree, bigger than all the rest, an' I admired it like crazy. It was a good tree to climb and I always felt safe in it, and every time the winter would come and its leaves would fall and its branches would crack, it would never give up. It just kept growing like limbs falling off wasn't the end of the world. I wanna be that kind of tree -- one that's safe for people to climb in and one that'll never stop growing.

Oh. If you can't tell by now, I'm a bit of an optimist.

Anyways, that's a bit about me! Hope to talk to you guys soon. ;3


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    *Pets the puppy*

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    naww, I'm from southern cali near Arizona, but I'm living in washington now.

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    Ya'll're very welcome!

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    thank you for the stalking nwn

    gracias por el acoso nwn and favs xD

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      Of course! The more animation the merrier eh? XD

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        yes plis o0o

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    You're welcome. Your character and your style really caught my attention. I like it.