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I am Generally a SFW and GORE Artist. Please read my TOS before commissioning me for full information about what I will and won't draw. Announcements are made when I am open for Commissions or Trades.
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Artist Information: I am a Chibi and Gore Artist

Hello there, my name is Uluri pronounced You-ler-ee. I am a digital artist who's main focus in art is to create an interactive environment that Watchers can contribute to. I hope you may all enjoy interacting with my OCs. If gore isn't your thing, you can block it with the Tag Filter Feature here on weasyl.
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These are my Main OCs and all their relevent info. Each one's page lists what content ratings they are allowed to be drawn in without needing to ask me first.
Uluri | Sin | Kindling | Trace | Full list of Characters.

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🌱Thanks for Joining today! TuT Sorry for Crash

on 17 June 2021 at 15:20:32 MDT

Thank you for joining me during my Minecraft Stream today on youtube. Sadly my OBS decided it wanted to die, so the stream ended a bit early and You guys missed me finding a 5 ore vein of diamonds before I realised the Crash! D: Oops. I did a 1 hour wood and cobble gathering stream a few hours later and then was blown up by a million creepers to make up for it.

  • Episode 2 will be posted Saturday (this one's fun)
    - Next stream will be an Art Stream probably Sunday (maybe saturday)
    - Art uploads still incoming. I have a lot of em to post still

I'm really happy with my world i'm playing. it's a lot of fun. Especially with all of you guys joining in the chat. XD I DID NOT open the Nether, thankfully. I'll definitally do that on stream! But The gates can be opened the next time I play. its going to be wonderful.

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I work at $30/hour for Commissions. Art Prices | Comic Prices | Animation Prices | Open YCHs | TOS

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Joined 15 February 2013

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    Hello, I see you're very active here and you're one of most popular users on Weasyl, so I have a question... How to promote art here on Weasyl? Any tips (and tricks) how to get more followers, more favs, etc. It would really appreciate your help.

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      Hiya there. The best way to grow a community in a smaller environment is to comment and favorite other people's content (and on your own) to show that you in fact exist here and aren't just a post ghost. Creating an environment that gets people to comment like creating interactive descriptions and writing answerable journals will help keep people around. Folks tend to not interact/comment with posts they know are from people who only upload and leave because it's assumed the artist won't even be here to read those comments anyways. Gotta put effort into participating in a community for it to grow around you in other words.

      Raffles/freebies can also stir up people from the depths of the abyss, especially to help start out being found. Although this would end up giving you more work, doing a freebie sketch from time to time specifically for weasyl users will get people to see you are active on weasyl. I'm on a lot of artsites, so at the begining of the month I host a freebie on one day, and pick out one person from each site who posts.

      Art Trades: Weasyl has a very interesting feature called "Collections", and it brings out networking in a way other art sites don't have. When you make artwork for someone on here, you can suggest for them to put it into their Collections. It is an entire folder that acts like you uploaded it, so your watchers see what you added, but Entirely links to the Original creator's post. So if we did an art trade, and I added the art you made me to my collections, all my watchers would also get your art in their submissions feed. Gift art and Art Trades are very powerful things on this site. (Commissions are also included in this, too. If you make art for someone else who exists on here, send it into their collections)

      reddit: SO here is one that I use occassionally, is that when i'm quite proud of an artwork, I direct link it on r/furry. This helps people who aren't on weasyl find/discover this site when they otherwise wouldn't have interacted at all. Sharing or mentioning Weasyl helps grow the community a little bit. Especially since the site needs you to confirm new users are real people now (to prevent bot floods).

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        Oh wow, thank you very much! That all seems to be very helpful... I'm gonna try your tips out.
        (tbh I didn't really expect you to reply but you did it and so much... detailed, I really appreciate it)
        Haha believe it or not but just a few days ago I created a journal here saying that I'd accept 3 requests and guess what? Only one person replied. Of course it's better than nothing at all, but it's not what I expected. So I removed that journal entry (I felt kinda disappointed) but maybe I'll try to do it once again later.
        I like art trades and that 'Collections' feature seems to be, umm, quite helpful. Hey, I just got an idea, what about... I see it here on your profile: Commissions: Sometimes. Trades: Open. So let's do it! Art trade! It would be my first art trade on Weasyl (but tbh I did it many times with artists on other artsites)

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          @ requests: I only gather about 0-2 when opening for freebies here since folks are super spread out when they are online. If they don't post, then they just miss out until next time.

          Sure, I wouldn't mind an art trade, but I am a rather slow person at the moment so bear with me. You can draw any type of finish for your part, I don't mind even a Sketch. I plan to make at least something Colored. Not sure if I want to Chibi or a General practice. Guess it'd depend on what your OC is that you'd like drawn in return.

          Other OCs if would rather a different choice:

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    Thanks so much for the fav on the coloring page I did. It's very encouraging for me. <3

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    Would you like to do a trade, if so what would you like?