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I am Generally a SFW and GORE Artist. Please read my TOS before commissioning me for full information about what I will and won't draw. Announcements are made when I am open for Commissions or Trades.
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Artist Information: I am a Chibi and Gore Artist

Hello there, my name is Uluri pronounced You-ler-ee. I am a digital artist who's main focus in art is to create an interactive environment that Watchers can contribute to. I hope you may all enjoy interacting with my OCs. If gore isn't your thing, you can block it with the Tag Filter Feature here on weasyl.
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These are my Main OCs and all their relevent info. Each one's page lists what content ratings they are allowed to be drawn in without needing to ask me first.
Uluri | Sin | Kindling | Trace | Full list of Characters.

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🌱Anyone ever order prints from T-spring Or Redbub

on 1 December 2020 at 12:30:25 MST

Has Anyone Ever Ordered Prints, specifically Canvas and Photo Prints of Artwork, through Teespring or Redbubble?

One thing I gotta say is that it is REALLY hard to find actual video overviews of products for some reason of various print sites. Folks tend to only pull the item out, but never do any close ups of the products or talk about what it is like. Or are the STores of Local places good with Artwork prints like Staples or Something? Please do let me know

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I work at $30/hour for Commissions. Art Prices | Comic Prices | Animation Prices | Open YCHs | TOS

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    Thank you for the watch!
    A bit of a generic compliment, but just to display your kindness didn't go unnoticed!

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    Hi I'm on the look out for more friends
    Let me know if your interested and I'll send a friend request🙂

    Ps I'm not one of those untrustworthy people
    That sometimes pop up on the Internet
    I'm one of the good ones.

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    Hey Uluri! Hows it going? :D

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      Going pretty good! ^o^
      I recognized your vee, and had to stop by. Are you doing well?

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        I am doing well, thank you!

        Been awhile since we talked, I just haven't been on DeviantART lately and even less now cause of, yeah. XD

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    thank you so much for following me!
    I love your characters, they are so adorable ovo
    especially Sin, he's the perfect brat asdfhgk

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