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I am a SFW and Gore Artist. Please read my TOS(terms of service) before Commissioning me. Coms and Trades are announced through Image Announcements. Here are my Prices, and my To-Do List. As an extra bonus, here is my Art Trade Guidelines as well.

Artist Information: I am a Chibi and Gore Artist

Hi, I am Uluri (You-Ler-ee). I'm a digital artist who loves to draw cute things, and gore. If gore isn't your thing, you can block it with the Tag Filter Feature here on weasyl. I use Paint Tool SAI as my main art program, and Photoshop for gifs. I use a Cintiqu 13HD tablet. If you have more specific questions, please check out my FAQs Page or send me a note. I always will recommend Postybirb for Multi-posting. Feel Free to Add Tags to my art.

Character Text Colors
▲ Artist known as Uluri Talking:  Orange
▲ Uluri In Character:  Dark Orange
▲ Sin:  Bleh purple
▲ Trace:  Lime Green
▲ Kindling:  Dodger Blue

Character References

Here are references of my Main OCs Uluri, Sin, Kindling, and Trace. You may draw my characters. I love seeing art of them. Please Do NOT use them as part of a Commission, or draw NSFW art of them without my permission (except for Sin. He can have NSFW). Please also check out my Full list of Characters.

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Latest Journal

▲🌱Need Help: Town Building

on 13 September 2019 at 16:48:40 MDT

I would like to know if anyone has any good Town building generators or tools. I need to build a few towns and a whole Castle. I would very much appreciate this kind of help.

I also have a Big ol-bucket of Dice for any Randomization I need to do. (That's how I built the contnent, it was entirely random based on a bucket of dice dropping on the floor)
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Art Commission
from $ 8.00
to $ 120.00

I work at $30/hour for Commissions. Art Prices | Comic Prices | Animation Prices | Open YCHs | TOS

If you are interested in commissioning me, please fill out the form in the links provided above.


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