I draw fatfur, among other things, despite how my gallery and post history will entail! I enjoy fursuit making, traditional painting, printmaking and sculpting as well. I basically like nearly all forms of art I have tried so far. I one day hope to sell furry stuff at cons and I would love to attend Anthrocon one day!

Feel free to message me regarding anything. I usually reply within a day or so unless I am out of town or during high volume work weeks. C:

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Importing old art!

on 19 July 2019 at 12:29:16 MDT

I'm only importing some of them from my gallery, as a lot don't reflect my current ability since they are outdated. I'll be uploading them all with numbers instead of names this time, because it's just a gallery for reference. I'm not going to do them all at once but a few every once and awhile until I am caught up.

I might also keep up with the number titles here just because I'm bad with titles lol.

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