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My real name is Eli, as seen in my username. I am a young amateur artist currently at the age of Nineteen, and I usually draw as a hobby. I also specialize in other forms of art, music design and video editing. I have dreams to eventually animating my stories and characters.

I mostly specialize in drawing an art style that resembles the Japanese Anime/Manga art-style. I am capable of drawing humanoids of both typical human features, and of bestial and/or alien physiology. These characters are part of the story which is currently in the making.

I have a tendency to get a little distracted from my art, and may take a long time to finish something. I also acknowledge that my art is far from perfect, and still has room for improvement. My main goal on my social media is to tell stories through my characters and worldbuilding.

I may also post journals which contain updates on both my art and my personal life. Although be warned, I'm still a teenager. So if your an adult you may find some of the things I say to be a little angsty.

Anyway, to whoever views this, I hope you enjoy my art.

By the way, if you ever feel like commenting, that's great! But please try not to be rude. Constructive criticism is fine, but I'd much rather not see this relatively friendly site become a cesspool of negativity. Don't worry, no hard feelings. I just want everyone to be nice, okay? Thank you.

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It's late May of 2021, and I just got sick.

on 27 May 2021 at 02:15:36 MDT

By the title alone, one may conclude that nothing more need be said. But I'm going to say it anyway, because now I have something to write about.

I'm sick. Again. For the umpteenth time. Happens once a year, at least. There is not a single year that goes by without me getting a cold at least once.

It began yesterday, 26th of May (New South Wales time). I stayed up very late to the point of not getting any sleep until the sun had already risen. It started off as a mild dryness of the throat, along with a runny nose. I ended up taking a nap, only to wake up with the symptoms being considerably worse. That's when I knew I had a cold. I had to render myself bedridden for most of the entire day. I usually cook for myself, but this time I asked my mother to cook for me, as I didn't want to taint any of our food with my sickness.

Now you may be wondering, if I had spent most of my time in the house because of quarantine, how did I get sick? Well, I have an idea as to where it might have come from. On Saturday, I would say three days prior, I went with my mother to visit this Anglican Church nearby and got to see what it was like. It was fine, and I don't regret going there. I'm very likely going to visit that place again. Still, it's very likely that while I was there, I must've caught something, and the symptoms didn't manifest until yesterday. My lack of exposure to the outside world must've made it easier for me to become infected.

So yeah. That's the best theory I can come up with.

Also, on a lighter note, a total lunar eclipse happened yesterday, which was really cool. Undoubtedly, everyone in Sydney must've seen it. Despite being sick, I managed to go outside and catch a glimpse of it myself. The sight of it was amazing, especially given the fact that the skies were clear, so we could see both the moon and the stars. I even got to record it with my video camera. Might post a picture of it, but we'll see.

Anyway, it is now May 27th as I write this. I'm still sick. I could barely sleep at all last night because of my symptoms. But as the day has progressed, my symptoms have gotten progressively less terrible. My throat no longer hurts, but my nose is still a bit stuffy. Overall, I think I'm on the verge of getting better. It might take another day for the symptoms to fully disappear, but pretty soon I won't be contagious anymore.

Although I'm a little concerned about something. Usually in our family, when one of us gets sick, so does the rest of the family. I'm the first to get sick. My mother was there in the church with me, so she might get sick too. Then my father might get sick after her, as he might catch the virus from her or something. I dunno. This is usually how it happens.

I think that's about all I can say. Should anything else happen, I'll be sure to write about it. Nevertheless, I think that's a wrap for this journal entry. Whoever reads this, stay safe, and have a good day.

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