I am a traditional artist who draws just for fun. I usually draw humans and humanoid figures, but I'm willing to try my hand at drawing animals and anthro characters. Besides drawing, I also like to build model cars when the weather permits. I should warn you, though, of very important fact about me: I may be a male, but I like doing cute and colorful artworks. I'll be uploading some of my artworks soon, so stay tuned.

EDIT: Due to technical difficulties, I cannot upload my artworks here. If you want to see any new works I made, you'll have to go to the other accounts listed below. You can still request artworks from me here, though.

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Technical Difficulties

on 4 September 2019 at 19:10:19 MDT

For the past month or so, I've been experiencing technical difficulties with this site. And now for some reason those difficulties have prevented me from uploading my artwork. I'm afraid if this keeps up, I may have to abandon this site and take my art with me to another site...Perhaps FurAffinity, Inkbunny, or maybe this new site called If you know anyone in the technical staff here, please tell them about these difficulties so I can to posting my art again. I'm a very frustrated person, and I need to get my art shown! PLEASE HELP!!!

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    I-10 at Fry Road? near Kingsland? 😉

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      You live in Katy too?

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        No, my hubby did. And he has big roots in Katy. Until moving to LA. We go back every year.

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          Some coincidence. My late dad had big roots in LA and other parts of California. I haven't been there in years.

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    Thank you for the fave!

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    Thanks for the fav+ :)