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Hello I'm new here

on 6 April 2017 at 22:06:31 MDT

Hi there! You can call me Talmorne.
Soo, I thought I'd give weasyl a try and see if I like it, if you wanna know more about me or see my art you can visit my deviantart which I'm a lot more active on
I also have a side account which I use for adoptables and ych and such
You can also check out my Youtube for animations, speedpaints, and streams
Wanna learn more about my characters? Check out my toyhouse!
And last but not least, I have a furaffinity which I also just joined today and which I'll be testing out

So yeah, I like drawing animals and furry's, not very good at humans so don't expect any of those lmao

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    Rooooooar! :D Thank you so much for following Del and Angry ^_^

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    I have no idea how to work this site, plz send help