I'm Sybrant, a 21 year old shepherd pup from the UK. Rarely spotted in the wild, this pup lives mostly in the online world. c:

I work mostly in traditional media, although occassionally I dabble in digital work. For my traditional work I use Letraset markers and Faber-Castell fineliners. Digitally I use a Wacom Pen tablet and Photoshop CS5.

Drop me a note if you're interested an art commission or a trade (I really like trades!).

I use a scraps folder, if anyone's wondering why some of my submissions aren't on my main page! :) I also use collections for things I've commissioned, so totally check that out~

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Fursuits!~ ALSO CON NEWS.

on 25 January 2016 at 15:07:28 MST

I can't remember if I've mentioned this on here or not, but I've been working on a pre-made fursuit to sell/auction/whatever. It's gonna be a shiba inu c: I ordered the rest of the fur for it today, so once that comes in the post it'll be full steam ahead and I hope to get it finished soon-ish.

And then after that I'm thinking about making a goat for myself? I don't know. I don't get to fursuit enough as it is, so having two fursuits seems a bit silly if I only get to go out once a year, if that.

Speaking of which!! I'm going to be at Just Fur The Weekend in Bristol over Easter weekend! I'm so excited aaahhhhhh!!! Cons are actual magic, and I love them, and I'm so happy there's a fairly local option c:

I'd also love to go back to Eurofurence one day, but money and travel are hard. Also registration for EF is frantic. The two years I went I'd reg'd within the first half hour and my badge numbers were 988 and 1099.

ALSO, JFTW will be the first con with my new legal name on my con badge! So that's exciting too. I love things with my name on, just because it's only been a year and it's still so novel to have a name that fits, y'know?

Anyway, I'm all outta things to say, so I'm going to stop writing now.

Pup out!~

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