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My original account was I created the world of Emain, and the species Veil drakes, Rift drakes, Mistavians, Aestharii, Vashjeen, Abyss drakes & more.

All the characters I post are mine unless specifically mentioned otherwise, so don't gank my creations.

Requests: never

Trades: seldom, and currently closed

Commissions: currently closed

I do not give out my messengers to strangers, so please don't ask.
If you wish to contact me, you may do so at one of the following places/ways:
Note me here on weasyl,
Hit me up on
Toss a follow on my DA

Latest Journal

Commission openings

on 21 June 2020 at 19:16:55 MDT

all commissions are open, prices are the same as what was on my FA

I am open for:

abyss drake creation commissions 220$+
small close-up scene commissions(2 chars) (any furry races) 240$+
closeup scenes 1 char (180$)
icon commissions (28$)
horizontal comic spreads (1 sheet)350$ (1 main scene and 2 smaller panels)

samples will be linked shortly.

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Comic sheets

Comic page
$ 250.00


Singles & Linked icons
from $ 28.00
to $ 50.00


Custom Abyss Drake concept design sheet
from $ 200.00
to $ 450.00

Standard commissions

1 & 2 character commission scenes
from $ 180.00
to $ 350.00

commission prices on weasyl are out of date, my prices range from 200$ and up & have been for at least 2 years, therefore they will be edited to reflect my prices from FA.


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    Hello! Hope everything's hunky dory!

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    If you're reading this and you're new to my page, thanks for the faves and comments!

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    I dusted off my years old account just to watch you here after realising what happened on FA! Were you not on Twitter because I can't seem to find you there now.

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      ah yeah I changed my twitter handle to reflect my species tag that i've been using for the last 3ish years, so my twitter is now "spacedrakes"
      thank you for watching me though!

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    aww thank ya <3

    Yeah gotta had to watch you over here too. Just in case FA blows up. Don't wanna miss out

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    Don't forget to post here D: I stopped watching you on FA to watch you here. I don't wanna miss sexy Adiago arts D:

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      probably a better idea for you to watch me on FA, not here. I'm not a huge weasyl fan |C