Hey there, welcome to my little corner of the site! Another place to plant my artsy goodness and let it bloom around~
Considering i have so many art pages now as it is, i won't be putting up a giant amount of my older stuff. Instead i'm going to pick a handful of my current favorite pieces [notably ones that are either recent or best of pieces for certain characters] and place them here! Always open to Commission as well! just come and find me if you're interested~

Looking to Talk about Commissions, have Questions or the Sorts? Give me a Buzz on Discord, let me know where you saw my name at!- Soren Kisamora#6134

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Woo the Workload Lightens!

on 27 June 2017 at 17:22:35 MDT

Apologies for being mostly Silent for the past few months. Out of nowhere I was suddenly just...SWAMPED with Commission work. well I was busy in my sense of Busy. Which I am actually both Glad and was worried about, as I have been pulling money together for my Convention and needed the work, but so much of it was really draining the Life out of me. Having just finished the last piece that had any work in it i've been taking a break since last week, one that will go on until my convention ends on July 9th. After which i'll be digging around for even more work! Winkwinknudgenudge.

The lack of a Commission line also means I can get back to work on personal images. Though i just least 10+ Images over the last hour or two almost none of it was personal work since I didn't have the time for it. Eva has a BE Image ready for lines and i've had a few others on the mind that never got started [such as my Comic idea which I am absolutely still doing!]. We'll see to getting to all that stuff AFTER the Convention. Until then i'm just going to chill and do nothing. Haven't been this relaxed in months~

That shouldn't stop you from asking me about Commission work though! There's a couple images left in my remaining log to take care of but outside of them i've got a clean slate again, and i''m always looking for more work to hammer away at. Ever wanted to get work done by me? you know where to find me <3

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