I do a little of everything! Game Development (2D and 3D), animation and modeling via Source Filmmaker, Blender, and MagicaVoxel, writing, and a sprinkling of other things! Fair warning, you're going to see a number of unfinished drafts that don't get completed. It comes with the territory, unfortunately.

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Where I've Been?

on 15 October 2019 at 21:03:27 MDT

First of all, apologies for the super-quiet. I've been keeping my Patreon and Project Twitter updated, but I've only just now got PostyBirb set back up. Basically, while I was streaming Untitled Goose Game on my Picarto for a bit of fun, my PC gave up the ghost. I thought at first it was just the power supply, but swapping that out didn't help in the slightest. I was at a place where I was going to have to potentially do a lot of work to get my PC up and running, and invest money into a rather older build, so I bit the bullet and decided to switch everything over to my laptop. I had to buy enclosures for my SSD and internal hard drive, and both turned out to be garbage for different reasons, so I'm copying over my files to another external temporarily so I can return them and get better ones, but at least I'll have access to my files now, including Rulent Tower.

I'd really hoped to be done with this by now, but the process is slow. I still have to install a bunch of programs and get everything working again. While this does take a lot of needed upgrades for my desktop off the table, it also means I can't use my desktop video card without paying $300-400 for an enclosure, and I'd like to upgrade the memory. Not to sound like begging, but if you do want to support, my Patreon and Ko-Fi are right there (I've never gotten a single Ko-Fi donation at all. That's weird, right?), and I've been listing parts and other things I need on an Amazon Wishlist. It's really hard to ask for assistance when I know my output has sucked lately, but I might as well still put it out there.

I also went to the local game developer expo, GDEX. It's really grown since the last time I went! It's both encouraging and discouraging, in weird ways. Got to see and shake the hand of Adam Boyes of Sony, Iron Galaxy, and drunken Giant Bomb broadcasts fame. Found a voice actress that might work for some future content? Depending on the project and their limits, of course. It's also fun to spot furries vending at non-furry events. I felt bad because I was a bit on a budget, and I totally wanted to say that useless "I love your stuff, I just can't afford it right now!" line. But I mean it!

Last thing, as this external drive grinds loudly away, a friend of mine released their game, Isotower! It's a Sim Tower-style tower building simulation game. They've been working on it for years, and it's built up from ground level C++ libraries; no Unity, no Unreal. You should give it a look:

That's it for now! More Rulent Tower very soon!
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[b] Simple Loop

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[c] Narrative Animation

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