Hello there and welcome! I'm am very glad to make your tasty acquaintance >:9 Please feel free to look around but don't take too long! Or else you might find yourself someplace else. I'm not new to the furry fandom but I sure am new to Weasyl so it might take some time for me to get used to this place but I'm sure I'll feel right at home. So as I submit more and more to my gallery please feel free to look around! But if you cant decide what to do, allow me to be of some assistance licks lips Most of what I will submit will be vore, but please keep in mind, just because I love vore and you don't doesn't mean we cant talk or be friends. I'm a sociably sensible furry and, if you don't like vore, that's ok! I wont do it when around you! I like to try and make both types of friends, vore lovers and non vore lovers alike ^^ But I do try to get some non vore pictures out there every once and a while. Thank you for stopping by!

I would also like to thank everyone who follows me, favorites and gives comments. I sincerely appreciate it and it feels good to have positive attention <3 However please don't take it personally if I don't say thank you for following or favoriting, or reply back to a comment you put onto a submission, I don't normally do it but I still appreciate it nonetheless

I’m a very friendly wolf and love getting to know new people and furs, on weather it be on FA, Weasyl, Steam, anywhere I can. I love making friends and spending time with friends, eating friends and being eaten by friends and I can be very playful and affectionate and silly at times. I love to give out hugs and other affection as well. I can also be very curious because I want to know more! As I said I love talking to people and making new friends so please, feel free to message me here anytime you want to!

I also love vore! Om nom nom nom nom delicious <3 ^w^ Yes I do love vore very much I’ve been into it since I was very young. However there are certain specific types of vore that I am into, that being oral soft vore and none of the other like anal, cock, naval, hard, and any others you could think of. I also don’t do any micro macro, just same size or relatively close to same size. Another big important thing is only do vore that doesn’t have any digestion or anything like that it in, personally I just find digestion icky and the thought of it grosses me out, I prefer to keep my prey inside me alive all cozy, warm, safe and all snug inside ^w^ I also love bellies! Mostly big huge round bulging bellies full of furs, but occasionally a small belly here and there or an overstuffed belly as well. I can also be a very greedy wolf and eat a bunch of furs depending on their size. Now in terms of my predator and prey role, personally I’m a little bit more of a predator but I do enjoy playing as both! I enjoy having a nice big soft belly to rub, and a warm cozy safe belly to rest in ^w^

Some more things about me is that I’m depressed and at times suicidal. It was much much worse a while back where I wanted to kill myself every day, I was crying and dying on the inside all the time and it was just a mess. However I am now trying to improve and get better! Only until recently that is, there still a lot to do and to improve on, I know no one is perfect but I’m trying to get better and be much better as well.

I also am a big roleplayer too! While I dont need or want to roleplay all the time, it's something that I find nice and enjoyable for me.

So in short, I’m just a friendly wolf that’s playful and silly. Loves vore and big bellies, is depressed but is trying to get better, I also wanna be your friend and get to know you better!

That is all for now, I plan to make some more tweaks and changes to the info, but for now, that is all, thank you once again for stopping by <3


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