Hi there! My name is René but People often call me Chap or Star because of the Username :)
Hi there!

I'm pretty much a Fennecat that sees some sort of language in Self-Thought-Drawing and Music

Since I'm able to hold a pen, I'm drawing what comes in my mind. I'm also drawing digitally since 2013 and I love to practice and experiment with different Styles.

A motivational Message I can give you is "Stay Cool, turn on your favourite track, set up your Art Equipment and Express Yourself!" Thats how I do it and it works great! :)

I know I won't bring it far with my stuff because it's not really good but the biggest Joy lies in drawing for yourself so it's no Problem :)

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Tools: Pencil, Laptop, Wacom Bamboo, SAI and good old Photoshop ^^

Tipps for Motivation: Pictures from your biggest Inspiration, a Smile and a lot of Coffee to stay on Track ;)

My DeviantArt Account ( I'm mostly active there) :

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I'm on Facebook and other platforms!

on 19 October 2017 at 04:19:11 MDT

Ayo! I thought I might undust my Weasyl account a little and inform you, that I'm active on other Platforms too :) Check it out!


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-Deviant Art:


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    You're definitely welcome, and you show a lot of promise as an artist going forward with your style, and not having to depend heavily on lineart, I give you my deerest regards.

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      Daww thanks so much for that :) I will try to keep giving my best ^^

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        Oh yeah, did I give you some thanks for the watch?~

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          I think so :D Well if not, you're welcome man ^^

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    What Rhymes with Art? Heart! ^^