Hi, I'm Onissarle. It's the name I've used in the fandom for over a decade and I've always been represented as the same grey storm dragon. I don't tend to get around much but you might have seen me lurking around the fringes of the fandom at some point over the years.

I doodle mostly for personal entertainment, so my galleries are mainly filled with the the sort of subject matter I prefer. Fairly recently, I've moved into 3D modelling and I do a bit of part time work in that direction. It seems to suit me better than 2D art ever has. I'll be posting more 3D content in future.

The real world me has always been a bit of a nerd. I like sci-fi and fantasy and I'm an old school rpg gamer with an addiction to modern sandbox games. I read quite a lot but have the terrible habit of re-reading books I've enjoyed more often than seeking out new ones, which has left my much loved collection of Terry Pratchett novels somewhat tatty and dog-eared. I also have permanent nostalgia for kids shows and toys from the 80's.


Trades, Requests and Collaborations

I've done trades in the past but I've had other people fall through after I've completed my half enough times that I'm unlikely to do them with folks I haven't known for a while.

I do occasionally take requests, but only if the subject or content appeals to me. If you see similar things cropping up repeatedly in my galleries, I might be game for it. I also have a closet love for steampunk and a few other niches that might perk my interest.

Collaborations are a personal soft spot of mine. For 2D work, I love seeing other folks put colour to things I've drawn. I've not really done any sort of collaboration involving any of my 3D work yet but I'm open to suggestions. I find that 3D sculpts can make amazing reference or bases for images that are finished in 2D.

Friend Requests

I have a general policy on friend requests because I don't like just blindly approving random names. It's pretty straight-forward.

Friend requests will be ignored if :

  1. I don't know you
  2. There is nothing in your submissions
  3. There is nothing substantial in your profile

If I don't know you but I find something on your page interesting, I'll probably accept the request. If there's not much on your page, you could always try saying hi first.

Latest Journal

So much for Christmas this year...

on 23 December 2012 at 13:52:29 MST

Well, there goes Christmas.

We were driving back from out weekly run to pick up bugs for out lizards when an imported Japanese sports car ran a stop sign at hit me when I was driving in a 50mph zone. Although I was able to lurch it home, it's going to be a write off. So much for being able to drive down and spend Christmas with my family.

So, down one car. The real bugger is that just a month ago I spent $700 on repairs to keep it on the road for another year, which makes me pretty screwed in every direction. I can't afford to replace it at the moment and I'm likely to get pittance from the insurance.

Luckily, I was able to dodge well enough that they didn't slam into the front passenger side where my partner was sitting and hit the rear side instead. It's also lucky that I managed control the spin enough that we came up short of going through the old stone wall along the side of the road. So, the good news is that no-one was seriously hurt.



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