I'm a newbie on Weasyl, so don't get down on me if this account looks like a train wreck! Just bare with me until I get some stuff up on here. :P

Anyways, I'm Nicholai, a random blue and white cabbit from the sunshine state of Florida, who loves planes (except for military aircraft,) roller coasters, and attend Megaplex every year. It's going to take some time for me to get use to Weasyl since I'm still new to this sight. So in the mean time if you'd like to, feel free to follow me on Fur Affinity, where I am more active on there. In the mean time, enjoy my randomness, and hopefully I can fill up this new account sometime soon! :)

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Just Made An Account On Fursuiter.Net

on 10 February 2016 at 03:19:06 MST

So I've been thinking about this for a while now, from both suggestions by some of my friends in the fandom, and from the most recent review from Fur Media on Youtube about Fursuiter.Net, and I finally made up my mind and make myself an account on the website, to why not give it a try. I'll be uploading my fursuit related pictures from 2015 on to the latest Fursuit Friday picture throughout the day. Feel free to follow me on there if you already have an account there!

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    Thanks for the fave. c:

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    Thanks for the Fav ^^

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    Thanks a lot! =)

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    thank you for follow this derpy wolf thingy :-)

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    Thank you so much for following our move and your continued support Nicholai! <3

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      I wanted to stay connected with the two of you, from not only your amazing videos, but from how helpful and inspirational you are! I've always wanted to be a fursuiter since I discovered the fandom six years ago, and thanks to the tips you two left behind in your blogs and your old AFursuiter'sWorld series, I had five successful flawless performances at Megaplex 2015, and hope to rock Megaplex 2016 with even more fursuiting compared to this year. =D

      Hopefully one day in the future, our paths will cross so we can meet each other in person at some point. I'd love to meet both you and Grave!

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        We would love that very very much <3