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on 23 July 2016 at 07:22:16 MDT

Hey, yo, greetings, fair winds and other regional equivalents. Thought I'd write a few thoughts since it's been a while.

So, Fragments is finally done and I need to update my profiles around the web to reflect that. It's been a journey — yeah, let's call it that. There are still a few loose ends to tie up, but the anthology is out and you can get it from here on most major websites and retailers:!fragments/u9lvo

It's good and I'm proud of it. There are stories in there by MCA Hogarth, Jess E. Owen, Watts Martin and other amazing authors. Gonna start promoting it around as soon as I'm able to.

d( ' _ ' )

On the topic of being able to, I know I haven't been around much. I'm terrible at (most but not all) social media, and I've used sites like FA or Weasyl more as a passive watcher of things going by. I have been doing a few things, but it's very little and with Fragments, job, the other job, university, the band, family drama and not-so-drama and stuff, I had very little time for anything that wasn't Fragments. Right now I'm only working and caring for the band, so I should be able to finally dedicate myself to my projects.

Anyway, that's all. Hope you're all having an amazing start of summer.

See you all next time,

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    Thank you for following!

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    Wow! Cool pixel artwork! Hope you continue making awesome pixel pieces :)

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      Thanks! I've done a couple by now :) just... never remembered to upload them anywhere.

      I'mma fix this now.