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I'm a casual fur who enjoys many things. One of my passions is the study of metaphysics and related fields. I offer my mind to those who wish to find answers. I'm known for giving spontaneous advice like a sage though i do not fancy myself to be one (yet). The ultimate thing to remember is that one should not try and force themselves to be something they are not. Follow what feels natural and you will bloom into the most splendid of flowers. The sages of the world did not try to learn everything possible, the answers simply arrive with the questions. Follow your own desires, no mater the obstacles or ridicule and you shall find bliss. Do not rush to your conclusion. If things prevent you from realizing your dream, give it time.

I'm currently mated to Startide, though love is something I share with all.



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2015 Chinese calendar

I'm sure many of my followers (or those who at least still care) are wondering why I haven't posted a yearly Chinese calendar and horoscope yet (seeing as the new year started back on February 19). This delay is largely do to my personal life taking a bigger role of importance over my studies. While I never fully stopped my research into bettering my understanding of astrology and metaphysics, things have lessened my free time to devote to such things. Aside from the lack of free time, I've also not felt the strong artistic inspiration to write with the passion I love to put into these things and anything else I write. While I could push out a full calendar with relative ease, it would not have the poetic soul or flavor that would allow it to breath and flow with a life of its own. My passion is not dead as I have had it strike me hard at numerous times through the past year (as I planned for even larger and legit calendar/book publishing projects) but these moments of passion to write where never when I had time to actually write.

I am not abandoning these astrology projects nor am I abandoning it for this year. When I'm with more free time and I've regained my muse I'll be returning to do these for future years and even fill in the one missing for this year. If anyone who reads this is still interested in what this year is likely to hold for them I'll still give a brief break down of it in the form of a short or standard length paragraph but it'll likely read as dry and analytical (unless I feel creativity creep back for the moment). If people are interested I may even write a horoscope only version of the calendar without all of the data listing for each month and day. Something like that would be easier to post and most people seem to care little about the full analytics of it all and just want to read something new and interesting about how the coming year is likely to turn out.

If you're truly wanting to know your horoscope outlook for this year as it is outlines in the Chinese horoscope, please leave a comment or send me a message on this or other sites where I can be found. I'll get back to you as soon as I can with a response and the horoscope.

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