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For Adopted Characters, or designs that were otherwise not Designed by Myself. Credits will be given in the desc.

About Folders:

-Character Section: These characters will NEVER be put up for Sale or for Trade. Do not ask me if I am looking to sell or trade them, or make offers via comment / note. It's quite likely I will refuse them.

-Main Adopted / Most Personal: I am not as attached to these designs as I am to the ones in the character section. However, I do still hold a fondness towards all of them, and it's not likely I'll take any offers for them when/if given.

-Other Main / Not as Personal: Characters I do hold closely so as to represent myself. These are still loved, however. I am not likely to take offers for these either.

-Secondary Adopted: I don't love these nearly as much, or I may have lost interest over time. I'm probably not going to take any offers for these, unless I'm desperate. You're open to try, but I am somewhat picky.

-Tertiary / Third Adopted: I don't hold much of a value to these, and it's likely I bought them simply on impulse or at a friend's recommendation, or simply because the person selling them needed the funds and I had some extra $$$ / DA points laying around. I'm not likely to sell them or trade them, when I've figured I have enough characters tertiaries are the first to be given away, free of charge, gifted, ect.

-Other: I'm not entirely certain on how to feel about these. I might be decided to put them up for sale, trade, or considering giving therm away to someone. That's not determined, however, until I've made up my mind on how I feel about them personally.


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