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Lucas_Bewilder / Male / United States

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Heya there—my name’s Elliot, but you can call me Lucas if you want. If you happen to have Furry Amino, you have probably seen me around before! I am and have been a furry for 5 years now, an artist, a cosplayer, and I am learning how to make fursuits!
I am open for commissions for both fursuits and art—want more info? Contact me please :3
I’ll mainly be posting art here for now and I’ll eventually be posting my other types of work—I hope you enjoy, catch ya later! :3

Here’s my commission information:



Fursuit Badges
from $ 5.00
to $ 15.00


$ 2.00


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    Thank you very much for watching! <3

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    Ah, thank you very much for the fav, watch and comment! I really appreciate this! ★

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      You are very very welcome! Keep up with the amazing artwork! :D

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    Thank you kindly for following me! I hope you have a great day today~

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      You’re so very welcome! And thank you, I hope you do as well~ :3

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    Thanks for following! Much appreciated.

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    Seems like you just joined from Furry Amino! Thanks for following and I hope you enjoy it here on Weasyl! :)