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ChibiPup Storyteller-93
Along with a few others who don't lurk the interwebz
These people I've met in real life and have gotten to know well.

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Do not trace, edit, or use any of my drawings here for commercial purposes without permission.
Do not claim anything I've drawing as your own work.
You may repost my work to other websites as long as a source back to me is given.

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August Free Raffle OPEN

on 31 July 2016 at 08:56:04 MDT

This month's prize is an experimental sketch. I decide on pose, and I'll be trying something different for me with it. My aim is to make less messy sketches without spending an eternity on them.
If I get more than 15 entries this round, I will upgrade the sketch to a doodle, and I will add another sketch prize. Every additional 10 entries after that, another sketch prize will be added.

Raffle form:

The raffle will end on August 3


-You MUST be watching me for each site you enter with. I will be checking.
-No sockpuppet accounts. I will check for some form of activity on each account. You must either have some people you are watching, some comments, journals, favs, etc. This account also has to have been made a week prior to the raffle starting.
-You may use accounts from different websites to gain more entries. Up to 4 entries can be gained this way.
-If you are a frequent buyer, you may get more entries.
-Make sure you read my "do nots" and make yourself familiar with the rest of my ToS
-No complaints, please and thank you.

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    Oh my gosh... 83
    You have an exquisitely cool art-style! <3
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    Thanks so much for the watch! ヽ(❁๑◐∇◑๑) ノ

    I need the support, it means a lot to know that awesome people look forward to my art and I hope to continue getting better and not to disappoint! <3

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    Ahhhh thank you so much for the follow and the favorite! I appreciate it! I also like your work 0.0

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