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A Suggestion Box

on 22 August 2015 at 02:44:08 MDT

It may not get to any of these until "AFTER" I finish all art-trades and commission.

So I'm opening a little suggestion box(journal until I can find a better place to do this.) to see what interesting ideas you guys might have for me to draw. These are requests (kinda) but I will do them on my own time, so it may take awhile to do them(considering if I like the idea or not)

So now here are the Guidelines:

  • NO guarantee that I will do your request and I may do it later. So please don't ask me if I don't do it. But you can make multiple suggestions at once.(prepare the storm)

  • Please keep the suggestions in the same place (this journal). It'll be hard to go through them if people post them everywhere.

  • Specific descriptions are welcome.

  • Will not do grotesque designs, over-complicated designs (like 16 wings on one thing), mechas(as much as I want to my skills or not at that level, regular robots are fine though.) or gore. "Everything else, Normal or Fetish is fine with me."

That is all for now, give it a shoot if you please and show me what neat ideas you have.

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