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    So the weirdest thing happened... well, not the weirdest, but still kinda weird... I posted comments on the Sandy and Tex you posted and hit "submit comment" a few hours ago, but when I was looking at them again just now the comments are gone? Want me to go back and re-comment? I know this site has more than its fair share of "technical errors" where I have to reload the page but I am 110% that did not happen when I was commenting.

    Also how in the hell am I your only watcher on here? Tell Jubilee to get back on here. We need to get the squad together and take this site over, for reals. Who else is in "the squad" anyways? Is it really just down to the two of us?

    You got like 900 watchers on DA and I bet at least ten of them are active, maybe post a journal and tell them you're here now too?

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      Yeah man, you can re-comment if you would like to! I only remember getting notified that you commented on Skunk Boy, so I guess the website just straight up ate them all lmao
      1/3 isn't a passing grade, Weasly. You should study more next time.

      Idk! I haven't really made any reference to my now-existent account on this site, probably? I did get one watcher today, and I think they faved one or all three of the pieces you collected, so I think they were one o' your active watchers and decided to stay! What a pal, that one. 10/10
      I didn't even know she had an account here :o I followed her just now, maybe next time we get to chatting I can bring it up, or I can make a journal about my account on DA/Twitter
      Did...did we have a squad?? I can't even remember

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        I can't remember what sort of shitposting I did on the other two! Probably something about Sandy being fluffy and Tex being pudgy. I'll have to throw money at you to draw Tex more. It's super hard to find artists that don't look at kemonomimi and reject them, like furry artists think they're "too human" and humanoid artists think they're "too furry". And those that do draw her, don't realize she's got a dog nose and dog ears on a human face, and end up drawing her with a snout or something. But that's still better than what they do with Skunk Boy holy shit I don't know what's so difficult about "human wearing costume nose and ears". Especially when that damn nose is held on by a string!
        OK, enough ranting. Even if it's fun.

        It's definitely time to mention this site elsewhere, for real. Also, the guy who watched you, watches me over on DA too. He's been a watcher for a while now, actually. Seems like a nice guy. He's also SUPER active and will probably fave every single thing you post. Pretty sure he's from that younger demographic that equates "fave" with "like", while I'm an old geezer that only faves my favorites, but will lurk your gallery often.

        Wait, did you approve those collection requests? I didn't receive any notification that they were accepted. Lemme go back and check... Yep, they're there!
        I guess we don't get notifications if a collection request gets accepted, but this also confirms that you're getting exposure from it! Just like a retweet? I don't use Twitter.

        Okay, ancient history time! Back in 2014, TJ (under the name "LunaraSammy" or something like that) watched me on DA. I remember this because it was that time I spent a week in the hospital and wound up $40k in debt because of diabetes I didn't know I had until it almost killed me. Anyways, I want to say you found me through TJ. I know she be busy but c'mon make some time for your internet friends like DAMN.
        I don't think I really chat with any of your friends. Not because I don't want to, but because I've just never interacted with them. Unless we have other mutuals I don't know are mutuals.

        I've been trying to get more people to start using this site, and found a couple from DA that are also here. It's a catch-22 because I'd love this site to be more active, and be more than just an archive, but at the same time I like how quiet it is. DA just gets too overwhelming at times.

        Also holy shit you have like 500 favorites I hope that's not ALL my art. You hid your faves so I can't stalk them...

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          Y'know what I call people who won't draw characters like Tex?
          I love Neko/neko-like (or whatever else you call them) characters!! I think they're super adorable tbh

          Hell yeah, sounds rad! I probably will mention it later in the week or somethin', if I can remember to and don't feel too lazy. I usually favorite everything posted by people I watch, unless it's something I actively dislike (ie: a fetish I hate/disgusts me, just doesn't interest me, or is a wip)

          Yeah, just like a retweet! Except usually people get notified for every retweet they get, unless they mute the thread lmao

          I think it's mostly because we met through on single mutual, and other than that our circles don't really connect. We're like a ven diagram with TJ being the only thing in the middle

          I don't usually get overwhelmed with DA anymore, not since I nuked my watch list. I get a decent amount in my inbox, but it's pretty easy to clean out since faving things is very efficient with the "fave, remove deviation" set up they have on there. I usually just ignore most polls/statuses and skim through journals.

          It's p much all your art, yeah lmao maybe like 10 pieces, at the most, from other people.

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            I need you to update hybrid Sav so I can draw them. For real. Mephitto needs weird hybrid friends that aren't just other weird hybrid people that I draw myself. I also remember that I designed one for the roommate a while back, I guess he wanted a "friend" for Skunk Boy (and it seems weird to have an adult skunk man interact with a Bowser Jr. recolor), but he's never used the raccoon boy for anything and I'm the only one who's ever drawn him. And I also told him he could just use said raccoon boy as a stand in for Dom when it's a weird idea I'm not 100% down with but he still wants a grumpy half-animal manchild character for it.

            Nuking my watch list on DA worked wonders for me too! I also bailed on ALL the groups. Now I can focus on the artists I actually care about, and finding new ones to follow and enjoy. I've also pretty much unwatched everybody's polls, too, and I wish there was a way to unwatch statuses because aside from like you and one other person, there's nobody whose statuses I actually care about. A lot of people just use them to rant or shitpost anyways and if I wanted that I could go on Twitter.

            Fave some other stuff too you absolute potato.

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              You got it buddo, once I finally get off my ass and decide to Art I've got a couple ideas in mind >:)
              Oof, big rip, that's the worst when you design a character for a friend and they don't really even acknowledge it much.
              Bowser Jr.? Why not just Bowser?? He's bigger and cooler, what the fuck

              I also bailed on all the groups, except one, but since it's just one group it's extremely easy to remove all notifs from it in my inbox so lmao
              I still watch everyone's polls but it's really 50-50 on if I actually vote on any, usually if I see one of those "active watcher counts" or other stuff that's easy to think about I'll go for it.

              Make me bitch

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                P O T A T O

                We need more hybrid characters, they rustle the jimmies of both normies and furries. And since all mine are pudgy, the weebs don't like them either.

                The roommate's fursona is a Bowser Jr. recolor because he's one of those "babyfur" people.
                I am disappoint. I don't even play Mario but I know Bowser is a cool monster design.

                I started unwatching polls back before "statuses" were a thing and people would post like 20 a day as statuses. And now those same sort of people just post a ton of statuses. Seems pointless, I don't think they're archived anywhere like journals and polls are but I might be wrong.

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                  E G G

                  Hell yeah, I'll draw even my non-hybrid characters as hybrids and ain't nothing ever gonna stop me but DEATH

                  I wanna like Bowser, and I do because his design is pretty rad, but I've never been a fan of characters with sphere designs. Like I love chubby and fat characters, but when their entire body is an actual sphere? deal breaker man, makes me feel weird for some reason. Maybe it reminds me too much of vore/inflation art and I'm Not About That Life

                  Yeah, statuses aren't really archived unless you use the app and click a deviant's "activity" tab or something like that on their page. There's also a page app you can use on desktop that shows your recent activity (journals+statuses posted, etc.) but a lot of people take that one off since it's bulky and obnoxious.
                  At least statuses help reduce the amount of shit post journals + polls tbh, that's the only good thing about them