Hiya! I'm Icy-Marth, but feel free to call me Semura, Sem, Azrel, or Icy~
I'm an aspiring artist who loves drawing all things fantasy, dragons and big cat hybrids especially. I'm pretty easy to approach, though I often don't talk much cause I'm pretty shy.
My interests as far as things I like to talk about range from Fire Emblem to Dragon Age and anything that might be in between! I also love drawing my own OCs in their world, but I don't get much time for that
since I have to dedicate a lot of time to working on commissions and such.

I have two sonas; Semura and Azrel.
Semura is my first sona, and is more or less me in every aspect, right down to personality. Sem is reserved for art with friends (only sfw) and my mate, Mikal, who is the only person she can be nsfw with.

Azrel, however... he's more like my experimental sona. First off, he's male, which I irl am not lol. In middle/highschool I did feel more like a guy, though I am not trans. He's also into things I usually am not,
as I'm using him to come out of my shell a little more. Azrel doesn't have the sfw/nsfw restriction that Sem does, and is free to be in art with anyone. Though, nsfw-wise, Azrel is gay, and as such won't be draw sexually with females.

I also have a plethora of other characters!
Characters listed here are all available to be in art with anyone, and also get a discount if you want to get drawn with them! c;

▷ Ask me about trades! :D
▷ Requests are for Active Watchers
▷ Ask me about collabs! Commission Prices T.O.S - PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMISSIONING ME
(Requests will more than likely only be sketches, unless I want to take it further)

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Commissions Open!

on 21 September 2019 at 15:32:13 MDT

Commissions are open! No specific amount of slots, just taking as many as I can to help cover bills + saving up to move.
(Well, that's a lie. There's a hard limit of like, 15 - but I really hope I won't have to take that many at once XD)
Prices have been updated to include normal sketch prices (both colored and b/w) as well as extra info!

Want to get something spoopy for the season? Halloween-themed commissions are 5% off!
(Only taking about 4 of these, and overall theme must be about halloween - you can't just plop a pumpkin in the background and call it a halloween image to get the discount)

If you have any questions, please consult my TOS first before asking.

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