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I'm Higsby! I'm a 23 year old Deer living in good ol' Georgia!

I graduated a while ago University of Georgia as a Printmaking Major!!
However, I am currently pursuing further education in animation!
I've only just begun to make plans for my future, but I could only dream
of some day working for Pixar or some other totally rad place making
movies! Currently though I'm stuck with a full-time job making T-shirts,
and trying to scrape up enough dosh to afford college again!

In the mean time though, I'll be working my tail off and hopefully be
pumping out loads of art for you all to enjoy!

Anyways, If you've found my page, through whatever means, I really appreciate your visit,
And if you like my art and add me to your watch, the even more so. I don't go around and
thank for every one, but it always makes me happy to see that I have a few new watches
here and there!

Also, I am the artist formerly known as BASTIANWOLF you can find all my old work there!

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Uploading Arts!

on 13 November 2014 at 22:00:34 MST

Yo! What's up weasyl! Just posting to say I'll be trying to catch up my art to my furaffinity gallery, so I'll be uploading my art in chunks from time to time!

I'm primarily active over there, but I'm trying to start spreading out and be more social on many websites, primarily FA, Weasyl, Sofurry, Tumblr and Twitter!

I may or may not start offering commissions through other websites. I tend to fill my slots a little quicker than I can keep up with, so opening on multiple websites is a little tough. :P

Anyways! Like I said, I'll be spamming my gallery with my recent work! So keep an eye out for some super awesome art I'll be sharing :D

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