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((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Grim)(20yo)(Street Punk/Queercore/Raw Crust Punk/Hardcore Punk)(Spotted hyena hybrid)(Taken)(Pansexual)(Nihilistic)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

(some of my favorite songs)
(Monster Squad /All out of control)
(Monster Squad / On the edge)
(Monster Squad /No Destiny)
(Monster Squad /Strength Through Pain
(Monster Squad /Your are not alone)
(Monster Squad / fire The Faith)
(Call The Cops / Wasting My Time)
(Call The Cops / Gastation Exhibitionists)
(Call The Cops / Vegan Proteins)
(Call The Cops / Punk Attitude)
(Call The Cops / They Believe)
(The Virus /Rats In The City)
(The Virus / Keep On Walking)
(The Virus / My life My world)
(Combat Crisis /Beating Post)
(Combat Crisis/Our city)
(Combat Crisis/Not afraid)
(Combat Crisis/Face the crowd)
(Combat Crisis/World wont wait)
(Municipal Waste/You're Cut Off)
(The Defectives/Fast and Loud(Punk and proud)
(Screeching Weasel /I Wanna Be A Homosexual)
(The Descendents/Pervert)
(Limp Wrist/Just like you)
(Limp Wrist/Rainbows)
(Limp Wrist/Stabbed in the back)
(Limp Wrist/Punk ass Queers)
(The restarts/Backwards)
(The restarts/Outsider)
(Speedwolf /Ride with death)
(Speedwolf /Speedwolf)
(Speedwolf / Up All Night)
(Inepsy /See you in hell)
(No cash/Gasoline)
(Acidez /Camino al Infierno)
(Acidez /Don't ask for permission)
(Flea's and lice/Up the punx)
(Tragedy / Eyes of madness)
(Tragedy / The day after)
(Toxic Holocaust/Acid Fuzz)
(Toxic Holocaust/Rat eater)
(Leftover crack/Life's a pain)
(Leftover crack/Soon we'll be dead)
(Leftover crack/Move)
(Choking victim /Born to die)
(Choking victim/Fucked reality
Favorite Food / Jalapeno poppers /Mac and Cheese / Chinese food/ Ramen noodles/ Pizza / Donuts /Pancakes )
Favorite Drink /Orange soda / PBR / 40oz Milwaukee's best / Red Cream soda / Blue diamond almond milk / Coffee / Mickey's )

((bands))street punk,Crust punk,pop punk,ect ) PURGEN (Russian street punk) /Call The Cops (Bologna Punk) /Monster Squad /Filth/The Defectives / Potato Pirates / Year Of The Wolf / Who Killed Spikey Jacket / Napalm Raid/Jawbreaker/Combat Crisis /Acidez /DIRT/The Restarts/Limp Wrist/Screeching Weasel/Descendents / Mindless Self Indulgence /Icons of Filth/Antischism/BETZEFER/OFF/ D.R.I /The Circle Jerks/Disclose/Judus priest/Nuclear death terror/Citizen fish/Antidote/GBH/Leftover crack/MDC/Phobia/Chumbawamba/Lamb Of God /Seventh Void/A Pale Horse Named Death/Municipal Waste/Trivium/Toxic Holocaust/Horn of the Rhino/Pentagram/Venom / Fear Factory/High On Fire/Young And In The Way/Opeth/All Pigs Must Die/Mirrorthrone/Trash Talk/Tragedy/NAPALM DEATH/Star Fucking hipsters/RED FANG/Choking Victim /Agnostic front/Hellbastard/Pisschrist/Infest/Axiom/Extreme Noise Terror/Inepsy/ (A)DOOM(E) /Hellshock/Effigy/ Toxik Ephex/ Flux of Pink Indians /Warvictims/MADBALL/ Resist And Exist/Conflict/Mob 47/Chaos U.K./Fleas And Lice/Agent Orange/The Germs /The Cramps /The Rabble/Nausea/Disorder/One Way System/Aus rotten/Cheap Sex /Bad Brains/Warcollapse/Anti-product/The Exploited/Sham 69/DISCHARGE/7 Seconds/Suicidal Tendencies/Rise against/the Misfits/Subhumans/GG Allin/Clit 45/Rancid(some of there stuff,,i,m not really a big fan)/The crass/Rage Against The Machine/Dead Kennedys/Killing Joke/The Adicts/Minor Threat/Dropdead/Anti-System/Anthrax/Wolfpack(Wolfbrigade)/Against All Authority/Crucifix /Disrupt/999/Disfear/Flogging Molly/Dropkick Murphys/Paddy and the Rats and HateBreed

(Other music I listen To) (The Cure/Johnny Cash/Daft Punk/The Chemical Brothers/The Prodigy / LapFox Trax / Pendulum/run DMC/Rob Zombie/Skinny Puppy / Slipknot / Nine Inch Nails(old)/Public Enemy/Disturbed/System of a down/ The Smashing Pumpkins/Rammstein/Combichrist /Marilyn Manson(old stuff).

Like;s)Gore/Gothic metal/Doom metal/Street Punk/Acid/Good weed/yummy beer /Body modification/making homemade patches/NewYork HardCore)Crust punk/ALF/ Dreamcatchers /Dreadlocks/Mohawks/Animal welfare/Animal-Rights/LGBT-Rights/ Parkour /Lacto-ovo vegetarian/collecting punk and metal cds and records/Hardcore punk(a little)/Reggae /ska/ graffiti /Music That Is Noisy/Old School Punk/hand sewing ( i use unwaxed floss for sewing) /Anti-war/Racial equality/anti-homophobia/people who loves animals/old school rap/hip hop(sometimes)/Punks/Rave music(sometimes)/Post Apocalyptic Movies/Post Apocalyptic Games /zombies /Studed jackets and vests/Hyenas/Wolves/bats/goats/foxes/bears/Music/D.I.Y/Drawing/Civil disobedience/Computers/Horror movies/Halloween.

(Dislikes/steroetypes/authority/PETA/people that buy's a pet and then doesn't take care of said pet/homophobes/animal testing/rapists/stalkers)

Upcoming cons I'm hoping to Attend)

AC -2015-2016-2017-2018
Fur Reality -2014-2015
Midwest FurFest -2015-2016


Joined 19 January 2014

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