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on 5 April 2016 at 15:32:37 MDT

The last con I attended was AnthroCon '09, almost seven years ago. Seven fucking years! O.o

And man, it was wonderful to be back among my people ^_^

Things have changed in all that time, of course. It was really fun taking everything in (phrasing!); however, I was on an untenable amount of prescription painkillers, so i would like to both apologize to anyone i was spacey with, and thank all the dealers that didn't let me pay twice :D

Talking to folk--it was amazing to get back to talking to people iRL. Thanks to everyone that said hi! I haven't been con socail in a lifetime, but overall i didn't feel too awkward :}

Dealer's Room--Wow! I mean, booth production values these days is ritzy! It was a real treat to see that sort of level at fur cons. It's gone from being heavy loaded on prints and cds to a wide variety of craft goods. Buttons, bookmarks, stickers, puzzles, leeeaaaather, and so many fursuit supplies! 8)

Artist Alley--Now this was interesting! Outside of crafts, it was very gig-based; not much if anything to sell, but rather, doing at the con comms, via badges, sketchbooks, etc. Something new was the communal laminators--what a neat addition! It really looked to open up a lot of business for a lot of furs :)

I'm definitely looking forward to the next one, and certainly inspired to keep working on my health to have more time with y'all :)

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    Pheh, following you cause I can't help myself

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    Glad to see you on here!

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    Lovely to see you here!

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    Yay you're here! Long time fan, helped me get into furry, etc. =)