I'm better known as FallenZephyr around the web, but you can call me Fallen!

I’m an aspiring artist always looking for inspiration, and I enjoy everything artsy-fartsy. I’m a university student currently in the process of transferring to Simon Fraser University’s SIAT program (School of Interactive Art and Technology) which is basically a combination of graphic design and computer programming. Art is my passion c:




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    I posted a variation of this this on DA already (on the icon set), but then I realized this might reach you faster if I actually post here, which I;m doing with some corrections as I kind of rushed it the first time around, sorry about that.

    I want to take this moment to personally thank you for creating the 100 palette challenge. For a while, my own love of drawing art has been suffering due to lack of motivation and whatnot, but not only has this challenged helped fix that in a way, it's also given me the chance to try new art methods and draw different kinds of characters that I never would have done before were it not for this challenge.

    I currently have over 50 of these done and counting so far, though they are all currently being posted on FA, with link and credit to the template itself being given to you, of course. I'll be posting the entire set in palette order to DA, FA and here on Weazyl once I finish the entire set, which I aim to do by the end of the year, hopefully. I'm mostly been using my own characters, but also offering up people the chance to get other characters drawn for this (via a super-minor PWYW fee, I hope that is not an issue. I can stop if it is.).

    Again, though, thank you again for this. And thank you for sharing your lovely art with us as well.

    P.S. This may be silly to ask for, but should you yourself want any of your own characters drawn for this, do let me know :)

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    Your Kalos Challenge is really interesting. I think I'd like to try something similar in the future. =3

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      Thank you! Definitely go for a challenge of some sort, it's pretty fun!

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    Wow, really love your pokemon works! Great use of color. c: