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Fae | Caracol | Sips tea~

I appreciate any support given with all my heart, so thank you so much
for any +favs or +watches. They always bring a smile to my face~

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Commissions interest?

on 27 March 2014 at 14:44:48 MDT

So for awhile now I've been without a job and I've been able to keep going on my savings but sadly that is getting dangerously low now ><

So I'm considering opening up commissions if I get some interest!
And that's what this journal is for, to see if anyone would.

Prices will be in dollars as that's the most common currency online at the moment. But please keep in mind my countries currency is British pounds so I will be converting it over to dollars if you wonder why it might look too much. And the fact that I need this money to survive and pay rent ;n;

I was thinking $9 for headshots and $15 for full body.
Only flats for now as I'm still working on my shading.

So what do you think?
I'd appreciate any feedback on this, even just talking about my pricing ;w;

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    Greetings Fae, thank you for following my work, I appreciate it! Lovely pieces you have, especially on the Pokedex challenge, looks like you're having fun with that! :D

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      My pleasure! Your figure's are stunning~
      And thank you, I indeed am! =)

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    Eeeek, thank you for the favorite ; v ;

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      Your most welcome ^^
      Your Poke sweets are just too cute~

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        Thank you! Looking at that piece always makes me hungry but I do enjoy how I drew it uvu

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    thank you for the follow

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      Thank you for sharing your art~ =)

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    Thanks for following ^^