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Hello. My name is Empress.

I take inspiration from subcultures that often make use of bright colors, such as vaporwave and outrun, as well as darker, more surrealist themes such as found in David Lynch productions like Twin Peaks and media such as The Twilight Zone.

Currently, in between client work, I am experimenting with various new mediums and styles, both physical and digital, ranging from traditional oil and acrylic paints to spray can art to 2D animation.

I hope to begin a comic in 2021, though I have plans for a few comics to come when I have time.

Other interests: Kudu/Antelope | Vaporwave | David Lynch | Watching Twitch/Youtube (Vinesauce, Critikal, 5up, Kitboga, Caddicarus, Call me Kevin, Saberspark, Atomic Shrimp) | Writing | Exercising | Art | Aesthetics (Pastel, Vaporwave, Grunge) | Playing video games

I draw using an XP-Pen Deco 1 tablet on SAI.

Please don't be afraid to chat with me, especially if we have similar interests. I enjoy making friends.

| Being treated by doctor Voodoo since 01/01/2020. |

| pastelpolarbearss is my younger sister/scooter brother. |

| Icon by XxNeonFreakxX |

I would like to note that my name is inspired from, and taken from, the song 'Empress Rising' by Monolord. The song is great, as is the band. I am offering their links below to show support, since I have taken the name to myself. I took it two years ago for my fursona without much consideration and feel it's right to share their work.

Empress Rising:

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Commissions closed indefinitely!

on 6 May 2021 at 20:25:59 MDT

Well, with this final two commissions I accepted, commissions are 100% closed until further notice! Thank you ALL so much for all the sharing and help this year. I'll work on these, and start my job mid-May and focus on personal art after! Commissions will open probably in the fall, but we'll see!

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