Hello..... what else do you say after that on the Internet

Anyway, I guess I'll just straight a way say what I would usually post here and what I would draw, ahem:

You would probally just see a lot of feral drawings here. I do like drawing furries but not as much as ferals because drawing their human anotomy is pretty hard and not really that fun..... but I'm ain't complaining about it much.
Non existing creatures because since I like to draw random characters and I mean really random. Just drew a random doodle then look at the horrible drawing and then I got an idea of a more better design.... thats my technique of making a species wihout trying. Its better then forcing myself to think of an idea to make an original creature.... but now a lot of the time they randomly just came to my head. A lot of inspiration helps.
OC. A lot of them. I draw OCs a lot but usually the new one. I just randomly got a new idea for an character and species everytime. Nonstop... wait, no. It does stop sometimes. Sad thing is, I could never draw them the way imagine them to be..... I still have a lot of new things to try to draw like hairy spider legs. Also, I would [robally rarely draw my character and species that I already made. I have too many and also because I couldn't think of a content or an idea for what the character going to do...... I really need to try and let some characters go.

I think thats all I can think off.

Note: I won't be active until my exam is finish. To anyone who just stumble upon this account.... my art are pretty bad aren't they. Well, see ya.... when I'm online

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How many social media did i join?

on 16 June 2017 at 07:51:15 MDT

Hmmm... I wonder how many social media did I just joined. looks at notebook beside me

Hmm.. 1, 2 ,3 ,3 ,5..... 24 sites. Wait, most of this are art related media. I don't think thats too many.

remember back how many virtual pet sites that I joined....... I probally need to delete some. "definetely deleting the one that I don't like"

I just created this journal because my account seems pretty empty and I don't have a phone to draw on or to capture a pic of my drawings on paper so a writing will have to do. "I'm on my mom's laptop"

Also, I wanted to write something and this is the only I can come out of. Its an ok story I guess. A really short short short story.... hehehehe

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