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COMMISSIONS: Info here! ** I will post journals when commissions are open!
**REQUESTS: Open on this image

ART TRADES: Send me a Note and I'll let you know if I'm interested

Hablo espanol pero no bien. ;v;

I would like to remind everyone that I am open to drawing anything and everything!

Got a complicated character to draw? I'll definitely do my best!

Got a strange NSFW fetish you want to see in picture form? I'll do my best to do it!

Every sort of commission is welcome!

All prices are subject to change.

If a character or subject matter is more complex than what I normally deal with, I will inform you about additional fees.


Skype: nataliecrevlopez

Email Me: natalielopez0527 (at)

Paypal: natalielopez0527 (at)

Latest Journal

Commissions Are Returning + Revamp

on 15 July 2016 at 21:33:48 MDT

I'll be re-opening my commissions soon so if you're interested keep an eye out!

My commissions are going to be revamped though, and I will have two types of prices available: a flat rate and an hourly rate for a project. All my projects will be livestreamed with a timer so that if you wanted to make sure you where getting your money's worth you can watch me create it! Hourly rate will be $15 an hour however the flat rate is still a work in progress.

Please let me know if you're interested in me working on a project for you. I'm still figuring out the prices but if you'd like to go ahead with the hourly rate I can work with that too.

Thank you!

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    Your art is awesome. Hope you open soon

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    Thank you for the follow! ♥

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    Thanks for the follow

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      No problem! Your art is super super super cute!!!!! I love how clean it is wow!

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        Hello... May I please ask for a Korra request?

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          check my request link, there's a link to a post I'm takin reqs at (don't reply randomly on my shout page like this it's kinda rude!) ty!