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on 11 March 2014 at 21:15:32 MDT

I'm in a bit of need of money right now to help pay off a vet bill that turned out to be bigger than I had expected. I am jobless and the bill ran over $300, and that's just so far. I already had half of it and my parents paid the other half. I owe them money and would like to pay them back asap and replenish my funds, again..

I am going to offer a deal. If you buy one picture, you can get another of the same or less value for half off. I really appreciate any help I can get.

Here are my prices and TOS -

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    robot animals shouldn't exist
    it's not like robots exist in real life in tons of different shapes and appearances
    who even likes furby

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    Found you on FA, then noticed your journal entry saying you weren't active there anymore, so…I found you here now! ^.^

    You draw the cutest li'l chinchillas…so fluffy and chibi! :D

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      Also, after reading some of the character pages…I notice you're one of those people who believes that robots don't necessarily have to look like (stereotypical) robots. I had no idea Solo et al. were machines until reading their descriptions! I have…mixed feelings about this. xD

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        Heh, I always joke about how they're pretty much giant furbies. When I first created Solo, she was actually a reploid (Mega Man X fan character) but I could not draw them, so I quickly created a chinchilla version of her. I didn't give it a whole lot of thought because I didn't think I would actually keep the design, but I did and stuck to the formula! I actually do have a character who looks much more robotic (and, ironically, isn't a robot at all) but he hasn't been drawn yet.

        Oh and thank you muchly for the watch, btw! <3

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          No probs! ^.^

          Yeah, reading her character bio and realizing she was a robot was a bit…odd, LOL. :P It's the whole uncanny valley thing, I guess; the fact that she (apparently) acts and appears very "natural", but is actually a machine under all the fluff and skin and such. Perhaps I over-existentialize, but I do kinda get a bit armchair-philosopher over the idea of "strong AI" (i.e. something that could flawlessly pass as human). I try not to let it get to me too much, though. Hell, I have at least one idea of my own for a robot character of a similar nature, though it's underdeveloped ATM…little more than a mere description. :B

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            Yeah, I understand really. It's just that what she was based from is quite similar... and I can be quite uncreative haha