My Name is Jet, I love meeting new people and making friends. I'm super non-Judgemental- I don't judge anyone for anything, I would only raise concern if it's hurting yourself or someone.
I mean like look a me; I'm a Babyfur who likes all sorts of weird things like Goo, Vore, Plushifacation~
I have an obsession with all things scary, spooky or just plain creepy!
I love to do all sorts of things- Drawing, Gaming, listening to music, RolePlaying, Going for walks or hiking, talking and hanging out!
I've been apart of the furry fandom for many MANY years now and have grown with it learned to love alot of aspects of it and have made many wonderful friends over the years!
Some I still hope to meet and some I've met inperson! Don't be Shy come say Hello!

Fursona information:

Name: Jet Umbra Darkwatch
Species: Fluff Dragon (Ghost)
Age (Young): Typically between 2-3
Age (Adult): 23
Colors: MainlyPurple and Blue with Turquoiseeyes
Markings: Three blue tripes on tail, Blue toe tips, Blue belly, Blue tipped ears and mixed blue and purple hair fluff!
Outfit(s): Black hoodie, Black bandana with skulls and crossbones on it, witch hat with purple ribbon ad gold buckle.
Personality (Young): typically shy when he meets someone he doesn't know but becomes quite adventurous, loving an playful when he opens up. He is known t cause trouble when he wants attention.
Personality (Adult): Absent minded, loving, dark, passionate for all living things (except insects). is know to tease little cubs or his friends for anything given the chance.
Likes (Young):Trying to scare his friends and family, his plushy spooks (little owl plush), Animals, Dress up, playing , Getting and mommy and daddy time.
Likes (Adult):Storms, Haunting, Spooky things( Movies, games, Books, graveyards, Haunted places)
Dislikes (Young):Insects, loud noises, people touching his hat, pineapple, and time outs.
Dislikes (Adult): Insects, Loud noises, People touching his hat, Pineapple, Being used (in its many mny forms), judgement.

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I figured it is about time i start adding to this profile, gotta expand me wings some and show up in more places other then Twitter and FurAffinity! So hello and sorry for the spam. I can still be found on my other social media profiles as well as art ones and im likely to not be "super" active here just yet; I've got a rubbish memory and tend to forget about my other profiles and it'll take some time for me to get used to this one and just getting into the groove! but I'm here to stay, i can at least say that!

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