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Hello this is Aztec here! It's a pleasure to meet you. ^^
I'm just a humble artist who has decided to expand my internet art world outside of just Tumblr and DeviantArt. Most of the work I will be uploading at this point will have my DA watermark linking to my account there, later this will be changed to include both links (unless it crowds the image). Thank you for stopping by!

Feel free to also check out my DeviantArt Account and Tumblr.


Full Body No Background

Full Body No Background
from $ 10.00
to $ 15.00

Full Body Simple Background

Full Body Simple Background
$ 15.00

Fully Detailed Commission

Fully Detailed
$ 20.00



$ 1.00

Line Art

Line Art
$ 5.00


$ 5.00

~Commissions Are Open~

-$1.00 will be added for each additional character.

-I am also open on

  • I will also do design commissions

  • Ask me about Photomanipulation Commissions

  • All commissioners with me send a sketch of their image for approval before I begin coloring.

-I will livestream a commission, do a joinme, or simply provide a work in progress images to the commissioner if they would like.

  • Don't request if my slots are full

  • If you want a commission just send me a private message titled Commission, with the description of what you want. Only ask if there is an open slot, otherwise your commission will be ignored.

    Do's and Don'ts

Animals and mythical creatures are my strong suit. But I will also attempt to do humans/anthros.

I WILL NOT DO, sexual themes, nudity, or excessive violence/gore (meaning I will draw two animals fighting, but I won't add extreme amounts of blood or draw entrails hanging out. So anything partic