Breaking In The Goddess by 5pikey8lur

Breaking In The Goddess


20 April 2015 at 15:19:23 MDT

This is another piece I got from KeoHusky. I'm afraid it was one of the last before he had to leave...

ANYWAY here have more word porn.


Lyla put her paw over her belly, the other paw holding the last of a series of chicken legs, a blush swarming up her already-red face. “Oops… Excuse me.”

The Dalmatian behind her smiled. “Please, don’t be sorry.”

The collie blushed a little more, smiling softly. “Thanks, it’s just… I don’t normally eat this much.” Or this weird, she thought. Things had definitely taken a turn for the weird these past few days. She alternately spent time wishing she’d never wandered away from her Central American Adventures tour group into the jungle… And wishing she’d bolted as soon as the bus doors opened. Of course, she could have lived without the hunter nearly spearing her out of fright, but that was to be forgiven; when one’s tribe has been cut off from all modern civilization, a black and white collie in strange clothes stumbling around is cause for alarm.

She looked around again, for lack of anything better to do. It was truly amazing how a place like Teznichtotilan had just… Fallen away from the Incan empire. The sprawling ziggurats all around her teemed with life, the mountainside city abuzz with its’ latest arrival. It was amazing in a way, that a tribe of people could have lived in the forgotten city along the ill-mapped mountain range for so long, and so close to the ways of their forefathers. This was no city of ruins; the buildings were clean and perfect, their architecture reflecting the exacting nature of their philosophy. The Teznik people may have been primitive, but they were far from dissipated.

Their welcome had also dramatically changed; from being marched at spear point into the city, she’d been brought to the priesthood on suspicion of being a demon. When she whipped out the 3DS she’d been lucky enough to take off the bus, the assembled holy men nearly soiled their robes. One young priest was bright enough to recognize the colors of the fertility goddess Awhilia and this obvious blessing from the gods, and slapped the hunter around a bit before pledging himself to Lyla’s service. After having witnessed moving pictures that rose from the enchanted tablet, the head priest had immediately assigned the priest who defended her to Lyla’s service. While examining the strange device, he explained to her that the gods would sometimes send their chosen into the world to bring about change in their name. Treat the chosen well, and the land would flourish with their gift. Treat them badly, and well…

Lyla shifted a bit, blushing a bit more at the memory. After deciding to at least give being a goddess’ avatar a go, the Dalmatian had insisted that she disrobe. He explained her strange clothes would frighten the people, and that the avatar of Awhilia should be nude anyway. It would have carried a bit more weight if he hadn’t been trying to bite back a snicker when he said it. Still, going around in the buff wasn’t so bad; here, instead of looks of surprise, she got looks of awe as she was carried around on her palanquin. The temple master had insisted that she never walk more than five steps by herself at any time. That, coupled with the insane feast he’d ordered thrown was starting to take its toll. Although only a pound or two overweight at first, by now Lyla was settling comfortably into the role of fertility figure, the soft curve of her belly drooping over her lap, heavy with all the fruits, vegetables, and game the Teznik could offer her. Although she couldn’t see them by now, her hips had also flared out like a blossoming rose, and her new throne wasn’t so comfy just because of the padded cushion they’d placed for her…

Wrapped up as she was in reveries, Lyla suddenly barked in surprise as she felt something cold touch her overstuffed tummy. The priest who had pledged himself to her jumped back in fright. “I’m sorry!” he yelped, shaking a bit. In one hand was a wooden bowl with some kind of liquid and the fingers of his other hand were stained bright blue. Lyla blinked, and then laughed. “Hey, it’s okay; you just startled me, that’s all.” She liked the priest, a lot; a very fluffy husky with a strange orange pelt, his name was Keohuitian, but since she couldn’t pronounce that without being half-drunk, she just called him Keo. He was a sweet little guy, and all she had to do was call for him and he’d pop up like a jack-in-the-box. Given her increasingly sedentary lifestyle, he was invaluable, and she was starting to wonder if the priesthood was celibate. She turned her head and looked forward, trying to see what the cold thing on her belly was. “What is that?”

Keo held up his fingers. “I was, uh, just drawing the runes. For tonight’s ceremony.” When she looked at him blankly, he blinked himself. “You know, when Awhilia confirms you as her chosen one.”

Lyla smiled, and then laughed. “So you’re drawing on me?” She settled back with a happy sigh. “That sounds fun. Go ahead!”

Keo smiled and bobbed his head, moving forward and sinking to his knees. He wet his fingers and resumed drawing. Lyla had to clench her teeth and focus on not laughing or jumping away; her new prodigious tummy was quite ticklish, and the husky’s cool fluid-slicked fingers felt awfully nice. The Dalmatian temple master cleared his throat and leaned slightly forward. 
“Milady, the ceremony is happening in a few hours, so if you please…” He offered her a chalice of some kind on a wooden platter. Lyla happily took it. “I always loved pre-gaming,” she said, and knocked it back in a gulp. She probably shouldn’t have done that, because as soon as the liquid touched her throat she nearly retched, coughing and gagging. “What the hell was that?!” she gasped, her throat on fire. The Dalmatian accepted her annoyance, and the chalice bounced off his head, with equanimity.

“Apologies, milady. We had to prepare for the ceremony.” Lyla coughed and wiped her lips. “What, by poisoning me?” Keo, who had finished painting up her belly and was now scrawling the strange sprawling runes on the ground looked up, craning his head to look down the stairs of the pyramid. “Oh, here they come now!”

What marched over the top of the pyramid was strange. It was another palanquin chair like Lyla’s, but less ornate. Stretched out on it, bound with small leather strips, was a young ferret boy. For a person bound and gagged by a tiny muzzle, the ferret looked surprisingly calm, eyes looking serenely right into Lyla’s. Lyla got a little nervous. “Why, uh, why is that guy tied up?”

The Dalmatian came over to pat the ferret’s head. “This is Treserache. He is an acolyte of Awhilia, and has volunteered for the ceremony of ascension.” He shrugged sadly. “If only we’d had time before the next eclipse, we could have done this the natural way, but… The ceremony specifies that the one who would be Chosen must have more than one life inside her.”

Lyla looked back and forth between him and the ferret, who suddenly winked at her. She stood straight up. “Oh, hell no. You want me to…” The Dalmatian put his hand on her shoulder. “Milady, he has volunteered. Any acolyte of the gods lives to serve them, and if he can serve Awhilia best by this way… And it’s not like he will be gone forever. When you are Chosen, he will live on, in you.”

Lyla sat back down shakily. “Well… Even if he does want to do this, how do I fit an entire person in my mouth? I mean, yeah, he’s… He’s pretty streamlined and small, but…” The Dalmatian had taken advantage of her speech to gently pinch one chubby cheek and give a pull. Rather than a painful yell, all it produced was the flesh moving elastically with his fingers then snapping back into place with no indication it had been stretched far enough to let her smuggle a cantaloupe. Lyla yanked her head back, and blinked. “Well. That’s… That was the stuff in the glass?” The temple master nodded. She looked back to the ferret, feeling that something was still wrong. “Do… Do you really want this?” The ferret gave her a smile and squeezed his eyes shut. 

The collie sighed. “Well… If… If you guys say so.” The temple master smiled. “Then let it be. Keo, let us assist.” While the other guards left, the temple master and Keo came around to take the ferret’s shoulders, and brought him forward. They laid him gently atop Lyla’s belly, and the ferret let out a muffled chuckle as his snout was buried in the collie’s cleavage. Lyla gave him a soft smile and said “I guess if anyone deserves it…” She opened her mouth to plant a kiss on his nose, then with a deep breath to steady her nerves, opened her mouth wider, and wider, until she gently eased it over the ferret’s snout. The temple master and Keo gave the sacrifice’s shoulders a shove, and the ferret’s entire head slipped into Lyla’s mouth, his neck sliding in on the same push. Lyla’s eyes bulged wide, almost as wide as the bulge in her neck, the ferret’s outline still visible. The priest’s didn’t give her time to reconsider, and gave another push. The shoulders were a bit painful, but they slipped in and a good foot of them the ferret came too. By now, Lyla couldn’t even tell where the ferret’s head was, but from the strange feeling in her gut she could guess. Another two, three shoves and the shocked collie felt the ferret’s toes tickle at her lips before sliding down her throat. She closed her mouth and swallowed, breathing heavily.

At this point, if anyone doubted she was a chosen of fertility, they would close their mouths, if they could pick up their jaws. Her belly, which had been large before, now looked frankly impossible, almost perfectly spherical and protruding out in front of her like she was smuggling a weather balloon. She gazed at it in awe, and gasped as she saw a dimple on the surface, feeling it as well. She put a hand over it softly, and groaned. Her tummy had been sensitive before, and now it felt… She blushed. It actually felt kind of naughty. Another dimple rose up, and she put her hand over it. Keo laughed and shook his head. “Treserache seems to be having fun.” The temple master shared a smile. “I hope you enjoy that, because it looks like he’s not going anywhere.” 

Lyla softly settled back in her throne, and burped softly. She gave both of them a smile. “You know… I think I will.” She patted the dome of her belly like a drum. “Oh, Keo; can you come here a second?”

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